Jiu-Jitsu GI for Big Guys: Best Options

Jiu-Jitsu GI for Big Guys: Best Options

As with any sport, the clothing and equipment that you use are important. The Jiu-Jitsu Gi for big guys or small men has evolved over the years and, although modern manufacturers have tried to keep the look traditional, the modern uniform is a lot more practical, durable and comfortable. Modern fabrics and materials are used to make them last longer and fit better, allowing the wearer ease of movement and comfort.

The Gi used in Jiu-Jitsu has been based on the uniform that includes a heavy cotton jacket and reinforced pants which are customarily used in Japanese martial arts. They are known as either a kimono or, on occasion, the jacket.

The Gi must be made of heavy cotton or a similar type of material. The material must not be too thick or stiff to the point where it will hinder movement. The jacket must reach the thighs, and the sleeves have to reach the wrists when the arms are outstretched in front of the body. These criteria must be strictly adhered to under the rules of the sport.

With this in mind, let’s review a few of the more popular Gi’s available on the market for both beginner and experienced users.

Below is a table for easy reference:

Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi

A BJJ Gi should have a fit and feel as if it was specifically made for you. The Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi delivers this right off the rack. Stylish and well-fitting, you will never feel constrained in this Gi. The wearer will be ready to take on any challenge or opponent with a price to match.


  • Made from a lightweight 400-gram Pearl Weave pre-shrunk fabric
  • Reinforced stitching in the seams and other key areas add to greater durability and overall strength
  • The fabric is treated with an odor resistant and anti-microbial compound, so you don’t have to worry about bacterial growth or any fungal infection.
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes so finding the perfect fit will be easy
  • IBJJF approved and available in unisex styles
  • Comes standard with a free white belt with stripe bar

The Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi is comfortable, highly durable and has well-reinforced stitching. There is plenty of space for patches, and with the added anti-odor and anti-microbial treatment, this is a great buy for training. Wearing compression shorts under your gi pants also helps greatly. It is recommended that you wash it in cold water as there could be some shrinkage over time.

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniform

Although it’s not a well-known brand, the Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniform is still a high-quality garment and compares very well with other entry-level Gis in this price range. The Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniform is well worth looking at if you are in the market for a new good looking Gi.


  • 550 gms Pearl Weave Fabric for high durability and low weight means it will be long lasting
  • Pre-Shrunk cotton fabric limits the Gi from shrinkage due to washing and drying
  • Completely blank appearance giving plenty of space for patches or logos
  • Available in a range of sizes and colors
  • Has a rubberized collar for better wear and added hygiene.
  • Well-constructed allowing for freedom of movement
  • Comes with a free belt on all the white Gi’s

If you are new to the sport and are itching to get on the mats, then look no further than the Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniform. A well-made, robust and durable Gi with no frills or fuss and with an extremely attractive price point.

Choose your sizes wisely as there have been reports of the Gi’s being larger than advertised.

Sanabul Essentials Version 2 Ultra Light BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

An elegantly designed Gi, the Sanabul Essentials Version 2 is known to be cost-effective and a go-to product for both beginners and experts alike. Sanubal rivals other more expensive brands for quality, style and great value for money.

An upgrade to the popular Sanabul Essentials Ultra Light, the Gi’s construction, and design has been improved based on customer feedback, always a good sign when a company listens to criticism and strives to improve on quality.


  • One of the only ultralight Gi’s on the market today which utilizes pre-shrunk materials
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Ultra lightweight pearl weave fabric
  • Tapered cut eliminates bagginess unlike some competitors
  • Reinforced stitching on the jacket and pants
  • Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor treatment of the fabric
  • New size chart for the V2 accommodates most body types
  • Has a stiff rubberized collar
  • Great pricing and customer support and feedback
  • IBJJF-approved

The Sanabul Essentials Version 2 Ultra Light Gi’s lightweight fabric makes it a perfect choice for summer training and competition. The lighter single weave material remains highly durable and rips resistant. It is, as for most Gi’s, recommended that you wash in cold water and air dry to prevent shrinkage.

However, if you do require the Gi to shrink a little, Sanabul recommends a hot wash and dryer to achieve these results. The only negative to this popular Gi is the tendency of the emblem to fray rather quickly.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who are new to Jiu-Jitsu and looking for an entry level Gi to get you started on the mats, you won’t go wrong when you select one of these high-quality Gis. They come at a budget-friendly price, great style, and highly durable materials.

Alternatively, if you are an experienced jiu-jitsu competitor looking for a cost-effective yet quality approach to training or competition, the Gi’s mentioned in the short reviews above come highly recommended due to build quality and features. You never can have enough gi’s to throw into your backpack.

The use of Preshrunk materials is an added bonus, so you don’t need to stress about shrinkage after washing, a no-no for strict uniform rules in competition.

I hope this brief review of some of the more popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s will give you an idea of what is available in the entry-level market. Once you have become more familiar with the feel of the mat, you can then get more selective when it comes to choosing the right Gi as you hone your skills.

Good luck and see you on the mats!

Finger Master From Epitomie Fitness – Hand Finger Strengthener Review

Finger Master From Epitomie Fitness – Hand Finger Strengthener Review

Finger Master From Epitomie Fitness - Hand Finger Strengthener Review

There are many people involved in sports and other activities who require special training to strengthen their fingers. Jiu-jitsu happens to be one of those activities. Grabbing your opponents collar can take a beating on your fingers, so you can choose something like the Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness and use them to strengthen the hand fingers in an effective manner.

You will be glad to know that you can easily train all the five fingers with adjustable options available in the equipment. This is also a convenient option for people suffering from arthritis and other issues like carpal tunnel. Overall, strengthening your fingers is more important than you think for long time health.

In the same manner, professionals involved in playing guitar for a long duration will also choose such equipment to strengthen their fingers. You will also find it very comfortable when you use it for a long duration.

Even rock climbing enthusiasts will also choose such equipment as they need additional strength in their fingers for the everyday fitness activities. The biggest advantage of choosing this equipment is the option of having adjustable gripper and this will enable you to have precision in your exercises.

It is also considered a good physical therapy tool and many people suffering from arthritis will benefit from using this tool. It is made from the finest quality copper materials on the inside and the exterior built is made from sturdy plastic and soft rubber.


The advantage of using Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness is that you will be able to specifically train your fingers without any problems. Even professionals use such equipment and you can completely rely on the tools to gain better strength of your hand fingers.

  • It is very durable and made from good quality copper core
  • The soft rubber on the outside will give you suitable grip and you will not have any problems
  • Can be comfortably used for long hours
  • Even musicians and arthritis patients will benefit from this tool
  • The adjustable gripper gives good squeeze grips
  • The product also comes with a good warranty


  • Made from the finest quality copper materials that offers good strength
  • The tension level can be easily adjusted using the piston
  • Offers good value for money and lasts for a long duration
  • Very portable and can be easily carried to any place
  • Does not make any noise when you are working out with this tool


  • It will take some time for you to get adjusted to the different levels
  • You should avoid using it with sweaty hands


The Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness is very useful for strengthening the fingers of your hand in an effective manner. It is also very safe to use this tool for strengthening the fingers as it is prescribed by experts in the industry and you need not have to worry about any risks during the process.

You will be glad to know that many professionals also choose such tools to increase the strength of their fingers. The best part about using this tool is that it comes with key locks and you can get the best grip position to meet your individual needs. As a side note, think how much quick you can flip the pages of your Jiu-jitsu books with this machine!

Many people recovering from surgery will also benefit by using such tools and they can comfortably use them after carefully following the guidelines of the medical professionals. As a tool is very small, you can comfortably carry it wherever you go and it will even fit in your pocket without any hassles.

It is also very durable and you can comfortably use it for a long duration due to the soft rubber tip on the outside. The adjustable piston can be locked in 5 different settings and you will get to use them according to your specific needs. It is also a good device to exercise your complete hand and you can rest assured that you will get the best value for your money with this tool.

The good thing about the tool is that it has specific markings for each piston and you will be able to set the exact amount of resistance according to your requirements. In this way, different people will be able to use the same tool for their fitness sessions.

You will also notice that it does not make any noise and you can comfortably use it in a quiet place without causing any disturbance to the surrounding area.


When you compare Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness with other products like Keepafit Finger Exerciser, you will notice that the Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness is made from superior quality material and it will last for a long duration.

On the other hand, other similar products are made from stretching materials and it is very hard to get different levels of tension according to your individual needs. Apart from that, the other products are also not safe for professional use and they can harm your finger when your hand slips while using them.

In the same manner, when you compare Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness with HerculesGrip finger strengthener, you will notice that those products are suitable mainly for the entire hand and it is difficult to work out individual fingers using the tools.

However, the Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness is ideally suited for working out the individual fingers of your choice according to your specific requirements.


When you compare the overall features of the Finger Master from Epitomie Fitness with other products available in the market, you will notice that this gives the best value for your money in the long run. You will be completely satisfied with the overall performance of the tool as you can set the exact amount of resistance as per your individual requirements.

It is a good tool to strengthen your forearms along with your fingers. Many medical professionals also suggest such tools for arthritis patients when they want to improve the strength of fingers in the long run.

You will not have any problems in using the tool and you will get used to the different levels of tension within a short duration of time. It is also a good idea to watch some videos about the products to get a clear idea about the different ways in which you can use them for your workout sessions.

The tool offers the best stretch and many guitar players also use such tools to strengthen their fingers. Yet another advantage of using this tool is that it is very durable and it will easily last for a very long time without any problems.

It also provides a separate slot for the thumb finger and this is one of the major highlights of this tool. As you can easily adjust the gear according to your specific requirements, you will be able to use the tool for different fitness activities.

Ultra Light BJJ GI For Kids From Elite Sports Review

Ultra Light BJJ GI For Kids From Elite Sports Review

Ultra Light BJJ GI For Kids From Elite Sports Review

You have to get the best quality dress gear for your kids when they are involved in martial arts activities. Part of the fun for kids, is wearing something cool to wear and toss into their backpack. With this in mind, you can comfortably choose the Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids as it is made from the best quality pre-shrunk fabric. This will ensure that the BJJ GI material for your kids will not shrink after washing them for the first time.

You can even comfortably wash them in cold water and dry it in a normal way. Which for gis, it’s recommended to air dry. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is made from very lightweight material and ideally suited for this specific martial arts activity.

You can also consider the gi depending upon the height and weight of your kids. The same way you would for an adult gi. In this way, it is possible to choose the best sized wear for jiu jitsu sessions. You will also get a free belt in white color and this will be very useful for jiu-jitsu.

The belts also come with stripes and this will make it possible for the kids to display them after earning them in the tournaments. The products are manufactured in a professional manner and it offers the best fitting that gives superior quality, comfort during the martial arts training sessions.

There is no excess material on the edges and it will not cause any irritation during vigorous fitness activities. It will easily withstand the pressure of heavy workouts, especially when your opponent is grabbing at your collar, and last for a long duration without any problems.


The Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids can be used for long hours without any problems as there is no discomfort caused due to the overheating of the fabric. It is also made from the best quality materials that will disperse sweat in a quick way and give a comfortable feeling to your kids.

  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Made from pre-shrunk Fabric
  • Very easy to wash and dry
  • Very light in weight and made from 400 gsm fabric
  • The reinforced stitching will ensure proper durability for the fabrics
  • It has antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment to avoid infections


  • You will have complete flexibility during your sports activities
  • Very easy to clean the fabric using normal materials
  • You can use the size chart to pick the appropriate uniform for your kids
  • The size does not get altered after it is washed
  • Can be used for long hours without any problems


  • You should preferably wash them separately and not mix with other clothes
  • You will get the best performance only when you pick the appropriate sized uniform


The Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids offers the best protection for your kids during the martial arts training sessions. As the material is made from pre-shrunk fabric, you need not worry about the size getting altered after washing it for the first time, you will be glad to know that this is also approved by the IBJJF and you can use it as the regular uniform for the official tournaments.

It is also available in different sizes and you can comfortably order the appropriate months for your kids. As the design is unisex, you can comfortably use them for both boys as well as girls during the training sessions. The stripe bar on the white belt is an advantage and this will allow you to display the levels achieved in the sports activities.

There is no risk of infection when you use this uniform for a long duration as the material disperses sweat in an effective manner when rolling on the mats. You can comfortably take a look at the size chart before you order them for your kids.

The best way to select the suitable size is to choose them according to the height and weight of your children. The pants are made from drawstring variety and there will not have any issues in using them for a long duration.

As it is very easy to wash the clothes and dry them in quick time, you can comfortably use them for the tournaments and practice sessions without any problems.


When you compare Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids with other products like Sanabul BJJ Gi, you will notice that they are made from minimal shrinking fabrics and this will mean that you will have some level of adjustment to be made after the first wash. On the other hand, the Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids is made from fabrics that do not shrink after the first usage and you can comfortably get to choose the appropriate size for your kids.

In the same manner, when you choose the Versus BJJ Gi jacket, you will notice that it does not come with the belt and you will have to buy them separately in the market. However, the Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids comes with a white belt that is ideally suited for your sports tournaments and you can even display your specific level by choosing the appropriate color for the stripes.


The advantage of choosing Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids over other similar products is that you will get the best value for your money due to the comfortable fabric. The stitching is done in a perfect manner and you will not find any excess materials in the edges which will give a comfortable feeling for your kids when they use it for long hours.

When you choose the best fitting clothes for your children, they will be comfortable when they are involved in active sports and you will also get the best value for your investment. The sharp embroidery offers the best outlook for the entire costume and you will be completely impressed with the overall outlook of the uniform.

The Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids is made from the finest quality fabric that has undergone anti-microbial treatment and you can expect the best performance from these materials. You will notice that the sweat will be dispersed in short duration without any problems and you will not have any issues with overheating of the fabric.

All these wonderful properties and the attractive price make it a good deal and you can easily rely on the superior quality performance of this fabric. Your kids will have a comfortable time when they use such materials for the sports tournaments.

Tatami Foam Tiles From IncStores – Mats With Best Thickness For Sports Activities Review

Tatami Foam Tiles From IncStores – Mats With Best Thickness For Sports Activities Review

Tatami Foam Tiles From IncStores – Mats With Best Thickness For Sports Activities Review

The best thing you can do when you want roll or practice any sports activities at home or in any indoor environment is to choose the ideal mats for the floor. Not just for looks, but it’s also important for safety and to prevent injuries. If so, you should definitely check out the Tatami Foam Tiles from IncStores as they are made from very good quality materials and will offer the best quality comfort for your sports activities including jiu-jitsu.

Many professionals involved in martial arts and gymnastic activities prefer to use these types of mats for their indoor area. The great thing is that they not only work for BJJ, but you can also use them for a home gym and even practice cardio and aerobic exercises on the floor. They come in several colors, so you can easily get them in reversible colors which will make it possible for you to change the look of the space whenever you get bored of the same look in your indoor area.

Since the edge pieces are detachable, you can choose any tile for the corners and border region. The design possibilities are endless. The company also offers a 1 year limited warranty on these products so you can expect the best performance out of them.

The products are made from non-toxic and high density foam that will offer the best comfort for your practice sessions. The manufacturers also use the latest technology to manufacture these products using non recycled and lightweight materials.


The advantage of using the lightweight Tatami Foam Tiles for your indoor area is that you can comfortably begin your training sessions without the risk of any injury. It is ideally suited for activities that require a lot of bouncing on the floor and you will get the best comfort for the practice sessions. However, it also does help to wear knee pads to prevent injury if you are going to be doing a lot of takedowns.

  • Each tile measures about 24 inches x 24 inches x 19mm
  • Offers good quality shock absorption, which is suitable for mma, jiujitsu and gymnastic activities
  • The tiles are completely waterproof and easy to maintain
  • It is made from closed cell EVA foam
  • It is very light in weight and easy to carry
  • Provides a safe environment to practice martial arts


  • Offers good value for money in the long run
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry them to any location
  • Very easy to install and you can get it done in quick time
  • Ideally suited for martial arts and gymnastic activities
  • Reduces the risk of injury due to excellent shock absorption features


  • Cannot be easily installed on slippery surfaces
  • You have to be careful with sharp objects as it can damage the surface


You can comfortably place the Tatami Foam Tiles on different types of flooring and continue to enjoy your training sessions indoor. They are easy to move around so you don’t have to have the hand strength of a giant to re-arrange these. Grab your gi with compression shorts underneath, and you now have a cool mini jiu-jitsu studio at home. When you have a slippery surface, it is a good idea to use another mat that will grip these tiles in a proper way.

Don’t worry about the durability factor as these products are made from the best quality materials. It offers superior quality and you can easily join different pieces due to the excellent design of the tiles.

The reversible color option is yet another advantage which will allow you to change the outlook of the space in quick time. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance aspect as it is very easy to clean these times. It is also waterproof and you need not have to worry about sweat falling on the floor during your practice sessions.

It is excellent when it comes to absorbing the shocks and you can use them for jiu-jitsu, wrestling, gymnastics, yoga, and other fitness activities. There is no risk of injuring yourself while practicing these fitness activities indoors when you use such mats at your place. It also provides good insulation from the cold floor and you can work out barefoot on the mat without any problems.


When you compare Tatami Foam Tiles from IncStores with other products like We Sell Mats folding mats, you will notice that they come in a set of different panels and it is not possible to use them in individual tiles. However the Tatami Foam Tiles from IncStores is available in specific individual tiles that can be locked to other tiles and this will allow you the flexibility to install them to the perfect size of your choice.

You don’t need to compromise depending upon the availability of the panel size in this manner. In the same manner, the Total Connection Company mats come in a rolling mat format and you will only get them in a specific size as designed by the company.

However, the Tatami Foam Tiles from IncStores will allow you to choose individual mats according to your specific requirements and you will be able to install them in any size of your choice.


When you consider the overall features of Tatami Foam Tiles from IncStores, you will notice that it offers the best value for money and lasts for a long duration without any hassles. Many people even use them in the camping trailer and this provides good cushioning effect in the entire space.

It is also very easy to install these tiles in your place and you can do it yourself without any problems. You should, however ensure that you do not use sharp objects on the mats as it can spoil the surface.

However, you will not have any issues with using the regular shoes and other things made for sports activities. When you install such tiles in your gym and other areas, your customers will be very much impressed with the facilities in your place and they will be able to work out in a comfortable manner.

Even professional gymnasts use such tiles in their indoor practice areas to get the appropriate shock absorption features. This will help them to practice without taking any risk and it will also help them to improve their performance by a huge margin.

In the same way, martial arts enthusiasts will benefit a lot by choosing such tiles for their practice areas. It is especially helpful for professionals as they tend to work out for a long duration in such places.

Having such tiles in your home will make sure that even elderly people can work out in a safe environment without risking any injury. You will also have a comfortable place to practice yoga and other gymnastic activities by using such tiles.

Best BJJ Gi Bags 2017

Best BJJ Gi Bags 2017

Unless you are walking out of your house with your jiu-jitsu gi on, you need some sort of bag to carry your gi and all of your equipment and gear in. Luckily, there are bags made especially for jiu-jitsu. Lets discuss the best BJJ bags of 2015 2017. (We updated this review in 2017 to reflect new bags.)

If you train in the gi, you know the routine. Take out your gi, your belt, your rash guard, your mouth guard, strengthening tools, your protective cup… maybe you have some athletic tape and a drink. Then you have to put away your clothes, your keys, your wallet and anything else you brought before getting on the mats. Even if you train no-gi, you still have a lot of gear to worry about.

Then you train. Build up a nice sweat the size of a pool. You have to then put all your sweaty gear back into your bag and off you go.

There are bags… and then there are jiu-jitsu bags. Jiu-jitsu bags are made to take care of the hassle of organizing all your gear. They have cool separate compartments to divide your sweaty gear from your dry clothes. Maybe some jiu-jitsu books. Some even keep your food, snacks and drinks cool!

When shopping for a jiu-jitsu bag or MMA bag, you want one that has several compartments and one that is built to last. You can always find cheap bags, but why not make the investment on one that looks great and will last you a lifetime?

Below are the best BJJ Gi Bags of 2017:

Venum Trainer Lite

Material: Polyester
Length: 680mm
Height 330mm
Width: 260mm

This bag has several available colors, from a subtle black on black look if you don’t like to call out too much attention, to bright yellow that will let everyone know you have arrived. This bag features a large compartment that will store all your gear including your Gi and even sparring gloves and more. This bag also has a mesh panel that will allow breathability and won’t have you stink up the room. There are also side panels and a separate compartment for you to store your mouthguard or any tape.


Huge Main Compartment



Since there is one huge main compartment, the separate compartment could be a tight squeeze to store your Gi after use. 

Sanabul HYBRID MMA BJJ Gym Duffel Backpack Bag


Material: High Grade Ballistic 1200D Cordura

Dimensions: 30x18x15

This jiu-jitsu bag can be worn as both a backpack or carried around like a duffle bag. Although from some customer reviews, in order to really wear this as a backpack, you have to carry lighter weight and since you also have the duffle bag handles, it can look funny walking around with the loose handles.

The Sanabul comes with a lot of different pockets to store everything from keys, wallet and of course, all your bjj gear. The size is great and also has a separate compartment to storey your dirty clothes or to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your gear. This side compartment is ventilated to not stink up your entire bag.

The bag was made to be durable. It is made from a high grade military type of nylon called 1200D Cordura.


  • A lot of compartments
  • Can be used a backpack or a duffle bag


  • Some customers report the logo begins to fade the longer you have it



Material: Polyester Fabric

Dimensions:19.7 x 13.8 x 2.4

This backpack looks great. As expected, this backpack is very comfortable to wear. It’s padded in the right places. The shoulder pads are padded to make carrying all your BJJ gear as comfortable as possible. The back of the backpack is also padded and has an air mesh fabric.

There is a main compartment that features a velcro closure. The company claims this special closure can hold a 17 inch laptop, but several users are saying that it won’t even hold a 15 inch laptop. So if you are carrying a mac air or a 13 inch computer or tablet, then this would be perfect. There is also a cool mp3 player pocket with a head jack opening so you can listen to music to get your pumped up right before class starts.

There is a second compartment that is also large enough to store equipment. It’s smaller than the main compartment and it may not fit too much extra gear. You can use this to carry your Venum Knee Pads if you own them.

Overall, people who purchased this bag like it and like all the several compartments, but also have stated that there isn’t too much room. However, this can be a plus if you don’t want a super bulky bag.


  • Foam filled shoulder straps


  • Smaller than expected, so make sure you double check the dimensions

If you are interested in only backpacks, check out our review of the best bjj backpacks here.


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Funny Rash Guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA 2017

Funny Rash Guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA 2017

Many academies make their students wear their own gi’s. However, a lot of times, you have the option of wearing your own unique rash guards. And if you train at a no-gi school, then you probably have several rash guards that you rotate with during the week. Rash guards provide a lot of benefits to grapplers when rolling on the mats. As the name implies, it does prevent rashes from occurring under your gi. It also keeps you drier than wearing a plain t-shirt when rolling.

So if you wear a rash guard, and we recommend that you do, you can really attract some attention with unique one. We do however believe, you should attract attention with your Jiu Jitsu skills first. Following, are crazy and funny rash guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA that you can find online.



It’s not often people play Turtle Guard. But if you are one of those who use this technique, then this is the rashguard by Tatami is for you. The turtle guard isn’t really a true guard. It relies on letting your opponent take your back. But don’t underestimate the power of the turtle. Remember that story of the turtle racing the rabbit. And do you remember who won that race?



We aren’t obsessed with the turtle guard, but this rash guard by Newaza makes our list of funny rashguards because it looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And who doesn’t like them? If Splinter walks into your academy, you will be prepared to take him head on.



Groovy dude! So you like to flow and groove during your sessions? Then this rashguard by Hypnotik is for you. Lots of intricate designs in this rashguard could keep your opponent dizzy while you take their back and choke them out.



Dorothy, you are no longer in Kansas. Protect your back and quickly whizzer your opponent so they know what’s up. Wear this rashguard by Tatami to let your opponent know you are not a chump, and no one is going to bully you. The questions is, what do you do from there? Is it time to call your buddy the tin man for help?



You know you have the power of a gorilla, but you also know that you aren’t going to waste all your energy pushing your opponent around. You’re better than that, because you are more methodical and like to think things through. This rashguard by Tatami is pretty funny and features a cute gorilla playing a match of chess. Check mate?


If you like to dress up off the mats, then why not dress up ON THE MATS? Show up to class in your elegant tuxedo rashguard. This long sleeve guard is available in 4 colors and made by Hypnotik.

As you can see, you have a great variety to choose from when it comes to rashguards. You also have a lot of options if you wear compression shorts. If you don’t like to attract this much attention, you can get plain solid color rash guards at your local sports store.