Best BJJ Gi Brands

Best BJJ Gi Brands

The market offers plenty of options for you to choose the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi brand to match your preference. Aside from comfort and style, everyone in this martial arts are looking after quality and durability as this sports combat consumes your physical strength so uniforms that can be easily broken might not be fitting, even more if you are looking for something you can use for long-term.

Here is the list of the best BJJ Gi brands alongside its real-time product reviews which you can use before wrapping up your final decision. Knowing the fact that performing this martial art hugely involves sparring, grappling, and intense ground fighting, it’s definitely a best idea to look for a Gi that has the best quality and well-constructed to the highest standards.

You will probably have a hard time choosing the best BJJ Gi brand as the market now offers more than enough varieties to choose from. Hence, picking the right Gi varies from how you perceive the product in general. Not all Jiu Jitsu practitioners think and decide the same way as you do, so the best Gi for you might not be the best pick for them.

  • Storm Kimonos ‘Supreme’ Gi
  • Atama Mundial #9 Jiu Jitsu Gi (White, Black, Blue) + 30 Day Comfort Guarantee
  • Koral MKM Pro Competition Gi – White

If by any chance, you’re eyeing for the best Gi to use for your training and upcoming competitions, try checking out this post and find the best match to suffice what you are really looking for and what you really need as a Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

Storm Kimonos Supreme’ Gi

More than style, Jiu Jitsu practitioners would always come looking for comfort, safety, and durability. With that being said, knowing the overall pros and cons of the product is a huge factor with how you wrap your buying decision given that it might affect you and your training in the latter.

The Storm Kimonos Supreme Gi is one best example of a gi that comes into view with superior durability while keeping comfort at the same time. It is well-made of cotton weave fabric and breathable materials for the jacket, pants, collars, and small compartments which works perfectly for storing your mouth guards and other small gears for your training.


  • Weave is durable without being too heavy nor too light
  • Well-made to be extremely durable
  • Rip-stop reinforcement adds up to its durability
  • Collar is thick and light, which means it can hold up longer than many others
  • The kimono is beautifully detailed
  • Overall quality is superb for the price
  • Comes with great style
  • The kimono is beautifully detailed
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment
  • Preshrunk


  • Jacket sizing too large for some
  • Pants sizing may be too short or too long for some

Atama Mundial #9 Jiu Jitsu Gi (White, Black, Blue) + 30 Day Comfort Guarantee

Atama is highly recognized for the quality of their sports products. Mundial #9 is among their most popular items in the market, which already speaks for the overall quality of the product. If you’re planning to get real with your training and mat sessions but have yet to decide which gi is the perfect match, try adding this one on your checklist.

The materials are well-made to keep lightness of the product, making it more flexible to use. Despite its lightness and flexibility, this gi manages to keep everything balanced and maintains the quality and durability of the product in general.

If you’re quite serious with training and wishes to practice hundreds of BJJ techniques, you might need something that is all-around and highly dependable amidst intense tournaments and competitions. You can definitely give this Mundial #9 a try after checking out the pros and cons below.


  • Great quality in general
  • Very comfortable, nice fit
  • Adequately thick with reinforced knees
  • Very affordable, especially for the quality and durability
  • Cool style and colors
  • Keeps the same quality and durability even after numerous rolls in the mats
  • Price-wise especially for the quality


  • Sizes too big for some
  • Gradually shrunk

Koral MKM Pro Competition Gi – White

The Koral MKM Pro Competition Gi is made in Brazil and comes into view with 100% cotton. Many Gi brands including this one have long established their respective names in the markets, but Koral is more likely known for its smooth designs and superior quality in general. In addition, this Gi is 100% pre-shrunk and comes with EVA foam rubber collar that is as soft as ever but keeps the material tough and holds tighter amidst long and intense training.

Like first-rates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis, the EVA foam rubber collar serves its purpose. It actually helps the Gi dry faster and slows the spreading of bacterial and fungal infection. One of features that gets noticed right away is the unique cut of the Gi which keeps the uniform fitted and difficult to grab by the opponents.


  • Great style and quality
  • Collar helps the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi dry faster and slows down spreading of bacterial and fungal infection
  • Unique cuts keeping the Gi fitted and hard to grab by opponents
  • Durable, but smooth
  • 100% pre-shrunk
  • 100% cotton
  • Very high quality.
  • Good fit, comfortable to wear, and stylish.


  • Some sizes are too large for some
  • Sizing runs large

The style, weave brands, and quality of every product are at the highest standards so you can never go wrong buying one of these Gis. Talking about the benefits in general, the Storm Kimonos “Supreme” Gi turns out to be the most recommended brand to use.

Depending on your needs as a practitioner, if you religiously roll in the mats, perform intense training every day, and or often join a lot of BJJ competitions, it’s really important to put “quality” and “durability” on your priority list.  If you are more on style and just making Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a favorite pastime, you can have the simpler Gis or the ones not too stiff and heavy to wear during practices, which goes the for BJJ beginners who will have to start learning the basic techniques before going extreme.

Deciding which Gi works best for the buyer’s end varies from their needs and preference. While the list suggests high-quality Gis which can absolutely make it to bunches of intense training and competitions, the Storm Kimono “Supreme” Gi wins a 5-star rate from the majority. The popularity of the product is already given, but it would have never reached the top without first proving its worth in the markets.

Best BJJ Mats For Home

Best BJJ Mats For Home

Aside from gis in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, martial art mats are one of the essentials to give you the perfect platform for your training sessions. If the combat sport you are into requires ground fighting, grappling, and intense rolls on the mats,  you will probably get yourself hurt if you start training without the proper tools to protect yourself from possible injuries, especially the knee and elbow areas which are more prone to bruises and fractures.

Mats are very essential to martial arts such as MMA, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu JItsu, given that these combat sports are more on physical fighting and ground movements. If you are looking for a mat to start your BJJ training or simply eyeing for something to add on your BJJ mats collection in preparation for your upcoming sessions, this post will give you a short list of the best BJJ mats for home.

  • 10’x10′ Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat
  • Get Rung Martial Art Mats (1 Inch) 25 mm
  • IncStores – Tatami Foam Tiles

It’s always a great idea to keep a more comfortable and safe way of practicing BJJ, especially if you are hooked into long hours of training. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not like any other sports where you can only use whatever tools you want, even more if you are religiously training out of passion and or if you perceive BJJ as a more important asset of your personality.

10’x10′ Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat


The 10′ x 10′ Dollarmur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat is one of the latest innovations of the Dollamur Sports Surface Flexi Roll. This product is well-constructed to the highest quality, providing superior durability for long hours of training and competitions. If you are looking for a mat that can withstand repeated compression, you can never go wrong with this Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wresling Mat.

In addition to the bunches of benefits that you can get, this mat is manufactured with an athletic grade closed cell materials and cross linked polyethylene foam for maximum shock absorption and a 24 oz vinyl surface to keep the mats intact even after several usage. The vinyl surface is also anti-microbial that fights odor-causing microorganism and microbial deterioration, which means this product is made for long-term use.


  • Great for any combat sports such as BJJ, wrestling and judo
  • Provides a good workout area
  • Excellent quality, especially for the price
  • Very portable and works perfect for home training
  • Lightweight but very durable
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Big enough to execute drills and rolls
  • Package comes with a mat tape
  • Much lighter than traditional mats
  • Great for solo drills and practicing BJJ techniques


  • Did not come with the circle which eliminates some drills

Get Rung Martial Art Mats (1 Inch) 25 mm 


The Get Rung Martial At Mats are well-made with superior durability without compromising comfort. It is constructed with high density and a high quality foam that is lightweight, water-resistant, with the highest safety ratings, and very hassle-free to assemble. If you are looking for a mat that can provide serious between you and the floor, you can never go wrong with this mat.

Moreover, this brand also provides a cushion to hard floor surfaces, which adds on to the comfortable feeling amidst your long hours of training. It will definitely serve its purpose in giving you 100%  protection while letting you enjoy and perform every movement at an optimum level.


  • Excellent product, especially for the price
  • Very comfortable to stand or sit on, especially on a cold concrete floor
  •  Easy to clean
  • They feel warm to bare feet during winter season
  • Can be used for a lot of things, not only for BJJ and many other combat sports
  • Feels easy on the feet – which means this mat makes it easier for you to execute your movement
  • Serves perfect for intense rolls on the mats
  • Thick materials and big tiles, allowing more space for performing techniques


  • The border was all over the place plus the grains don’t line up
  • Soft enough to drive your heel into, but hard enough to have solid movement when wrestling
  •  The mats are an inch thick and are therefore not thick enough to be put on concrete

IncStores – Tatami Foam Tiles 


The Incstores – Tatami Foam Tiles can be the perfect practice buddy for highly regarded martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What makes it very unique in comparison to other mats is that it comes into view with 2 reversible colors and two detachable edge pieces, allowing it to be  multi-functional and be used for many things, not just for martial arts training alone.

There are tons of popular mat brands in the markets, but this has got to be one of the best deals. It is made of non-recycled, non-toxic, lightweight, and durable high density closed cell EVA foam, which were all combined to assure that the quality of the mats would suffice the needs of every individual, not just for the BJJ practitioners.


  • Smooth surface and non-porous
  • Perfect cuts and fits well
  • Awesome quality
  • Great padding, never slids
  • Multi-functional pads, works best for BJJ, Karate, Judo, and Taekwondo
  • Easy to lay down, the edges and corner pieces make it easy to give it a finished look
  • Not slippery and stays put on hard floors
  • Provides serious protection
  • Superb durability and quality in general, especially for the price
  • Locking squares stay together
  • Great long hours of workouts
  • Thickness and firmness are just right for protection in the case of accidental falls



  • There is a chemical smell, especially on the first use
  • Hard to eliminate chemical smell

It’s clear enough that these mats are not only made perfect for BJJ home training and other types of martial arts, but also works best for other bigger purposes. If you have yet to decide which mat will you go for to begin your BJJ training for the week, the “IncStores Tatami Foam Tiles” is highly recommended as this is wholly designed to give a safe and shock absorbing training platform for several activities, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Regardless of mat brand, it’s really a big deal as to which brand you will choose, if you think the other brand is a lot more comfortable, safe, and budget-wise than the one that is recommended to be a better option, then go for what you think is more fitting to your needs and preference.

Best BJJ Gi A5

Best BJJ Gi A5

Like many other combat sports that need whole body uniforms for training and comes with different sizes depending on the body types, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also has its own size chart for individual practitioners to choose from. While the size chart comes with variety of sizes, this post is intended for individuals with A5 as their gi size.

To spot the best BJJ Gi A5 isn’t always guarantee that it would perfectly fit to your body size given other considerations such as composure, height, weight, and body structures, especially if you are a newbie and you have yet to buy first BJJ gi to begin your training with. Below is the list of the best BJJ gi brands to get your A5 gi size on-point in comparison to other gis which might sometimes appear quite bigger or smaller even purchasing your exact gi size.

  • Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi W/ Preshrunk Fabric & FREE BELT
  • Hayabusa Cotton Goorudo 2 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium Uniform With Free BJJ Belt


Elite Sports IBJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu w/ Preshrunk Fabric & Free Belt



The Elite Sports IBJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers numerous features that are highly significant for practitioners religiously playing this martial art. Setting aside many other benefits that one can get from using this gi brand, this comes into view with great style and fitting – just on-point when it comes to sizing.

This gi is among the top BJJ gi brands that have received praises for its style and perfect sizing. If you have yet to get your own BJJ gi and you’ve been having a difficult time deciding which brand you should try first, knowing that a lot of brands are getting bad reviews about wrong and inaccurate size charts, you can never you go wrong with the Elite Sports IBJF Ultra Light BJJ gi.

Below is the size chart for the Elite Sports IBJF Ultra Light BJJ gi, which is made of a preshrunk fabric and comes with a free belt. Check out the sizes to give you a better proposition and understanding of the BJJ sizing scheme.

A1: Height – 5’2″ to 5’6″ Weight – 120 to 155 lbs

A2: Height – 5’7″ to 5’9″ Weight – 155 to 190 lbs

A3: Height – 5’10” to 6’0″ Weight – 190 to 225 lbs

A4: Height – 6’1″ to 6’3″ Weight – 225 to 270 lbs

A5: Height – 6’4″ to 6’7″ Weight – 270 to 305 lbs


  • Classy and stylish
  • Great gi especially for the price.
  • Barely shrinks after washing
  • Weave is strong, light, and breathable
  • Very durable, especially for the price
  • Durable pants with thick rope and double loop draw ties
  • Won’t sag in the middle of intense training
  • Lightweight
  • Preshrunk
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infection
  • Displays great style, makes you look cool and stylish


  • Pants too short than expected
  • Jacket too small than expected

Hayabusa Cotton Goorudo 2 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi



The Hayabusa Cotton Goorudo 2 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi is well-constructed to the highest standards. Like the Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave, this model happens to be one of the most well-favored gis in the markets which also emphasizes style and accurate size chart.

In addition, it comes into view with several features of which you do not have to exert much effort in keeping your stress areas well protected from injuries. It has reinforced stress areas all throughout the jacket and pants and is made with 550 GSM Gold Spec-Weave Material and 12 oz Twill Cotton pants – making it extremely durable and provides superior strength.

With that, this gi is highly recommendable for practitioners who usually go through intense training and religiously join BJJ competitions. If you get to spend more than 60-hours on your daily rolls on the mats, this one is the best choice to suffice the need of long training and intense mat sessions, allowing you to have an optimum performance in general.


  • Fits perfectly and goes out with great style
  • Great looking gi
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Highly durable
  • Soft pants, which makes it more comfortable to use
  • Strong and stays put in the middle intense training and competitions
  • Great quality, especially for the price
  • Thick and hardy, meet customer expectations
  • Same awesome quality with other Hayabusa uniforms
  • Kimonos get better and better once worn – perfect for all types of intense training
  • Jacket is extremely soft, comfortable, and not stiff unlike other Gis


  • Pants shrunk after washing

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium Uniform With Free BJJ Belt

The Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jiitsu Premium Uniform comes with a free white and or blue belt applicable to all gis. Setting aside the freebie, the benefits that you can get from this product are no less than the first two BJJ gis in terms of quality and durability. What’s totally unique about this brand is that it gives you the freedom to customize your own gi based on your preference and needs as an individual practitioner.

If you think you want to keep it a bit simple, you can add minimal patches or keep it blank instead. Or vice versa, you can freely add any patches that you want to fully customize the gi to represent your school or organization you’re in. Check out the pros and cons from the reviews made by customers who have tried the product themselves.


  • Well-made to the highest standards
  • Minimal  branding and doesn’t shrink easily after washing
  • Has superior durability, especially for the price
  • Fits perfectly
  • Stays put nicely in the middle of aggressive drilling and rolling
  • Great style
  • Good looking gi
  • Can last longer after several intense rolls on the mats
  • Great deal, very comfortable
  • Size chart is on point
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Made of extremely high quality materials, but not too stiff unlike other gis


  • Still shrinks a little after several washes – does not live up to the description “preshrunk”
  • Might not be perfect for some with big shoulders, it actually makes the fitting more diffiicult

The aforementioned BJJ gi brands have long proven its reputation in the market and have been frequently getting great reviews from its respective users. Among the reviews complimenting the products in general, great fitting and sizing are highly being considered as one of the attributes as to why consumers keep coming back to purchase the same brand.

Best BJJ Finger Tape

Best BJJ Finger Tape

Whether or not you have the interest to learn any types of martial arts, safety comes first. One of the reasons why combat sports require intense and thorough training for individuals who are planning to add it on their list of favorite hobbies is to avoid getting injuries and get into unexpected accidents while performing the combat system.

Aside from intense body movements from different angles and positions, the hands get most of the work in performing this martial art. With that, getting hand injuries is inevitable most of the time – that is where the purpose of BJJ finger tapes take place. Check out the list of “Best BJJ Finger Tape” below and decide which one is the best pick to keep your movements free and safe despite your injury.

  • PowerTrain Finger Tape – 1cm x 10m
  • White Athletic Sports Tape for Athlete & Medical Trainers. Strong and easy to use. (White, 3-Pack)

Aside from getting a good Jiu Jitsu mat to help you keep up with your training sessions, one of the common practices to protect yourself from getting more injuries while training is through finger taping. Taping your fingers in Jiu Jitsu is an effective way to control the movement of your fingers containing the damaged joint, however, this method is also used to strengthen your grip against your opponent while combating.

PowerTrain Finger Tape – 1cm x 10m

Numerous finger tapes brands do not only work best for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they are also perfect for many other active combat sports such as MMA, Judo, Crossfit & Climbing. The PowerTrain Finger Tape is made of 100% cotton and latex free, which means this tape is just extremely comfortable to wear.

While keeping your fingers fastened and secured from any additional injuries that you may get from intense training and competitions, you won’t be having a hard time executing your movements in the middle of your battle because PowerTrain Finger Tape is made to the highest standards and quality – but doesn’t need to compromise the benefit of comfort in general.

In addition, the PowerTrain Finger Tape is water resistant adhesive and remains very durable through sweat. The material is also non-elastic to maintain maximum compression and constant tension. If you have bigger injuries, this one is the perfect answer to keep you going with your upcoming training.


  • Very strong and keeps its durability
  • Stays strong and holds longer even after going through tough rolls in the mats
  • Great quality finger tape, especially for the price
  • No need to cut or rip the tape for use on fingers.
  • Unlike many other tapes, PowerTrain doesn’t gradually peel off
  • Endures adhesive training sessions
  • Easy to rip with just your fingers
  • Keeps you going amidst long training involving hard drills, grip movements, and ground movement
  • Help stabilize whatever joints are acting up
  •  Stays in place for throughout the whole training session and doesn’t roll up on all the edges
  • Super sticky
  • Does what it should, doesn’t break, and it looks cool
  • Excellent tape for for Jiu Jitsu, Power Lifting and Obstacle Training
  • Provides proper supportCan also work best for medical purposes
  • Like most products in the market, negative reviews are unavoidable.

Below are the cons listed from some of the reviews made by individuals who have personally used the product themselves.


  • Adhesive may stick on fingers after going through rough and longer training sessions
  • Stickiness of the tape can be too much for some

White Athletic Sports Tape for Athlete & Medical Trainers. Strong and easy to use. (White, 3-Pack)

The White Athletic Sports Tape is made to the highest standard and comes into view with a special formula to make sure it is comfortable and safe to use for any type of combat sports including the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This tape can be used not only by athletes, but it also highly recommendable for medical purposes.

All finger tapes are surely all made to be very durable, but this one will not give you a hard time as there is absolutely no need for tape cutters. It also holds longer than expected and sticks like many other great tape brands in the market. Given that it is made of 100% cotton, this alone does not restrict the limits of the product for medical use, which can work best for physical therapists and or therapists.

Yes, it is made of 100% cotton, but that doesn’t mean this tape won’t last through long training and workouts. The White Athletic Sports Tape is a total package if you are looking for something that will suffice your need for comfort and protection all the same time while enjoying intense rolls in the mats.


  • Protects your hands at all cost
  • Very easy to tear and rip off your hands even after finishing up long hours of training
  • Great materials used and awesome packaging
  • The tape is very strong and durable
  • Serves and works great in protecting injured/damaged joints
  • High-quality
  • Perfect for rock climbing and weight lifting. For climbing, they work great when taking individual fingers, and for hook-grip during
  • Olympic lifts
  • Good adhesive
  • Good at protecting the wrists during barbell sessions
  • Strong tape but easy to test
  • Very reasonable price, tears straight, stays on well until you get it wet., and it comes off easily
  • Great quality for the price


  • Material too thin
  • Looses faster than many other finger tape brands
  • Adhesive is not hypoallergenic
  • Not recommended for individuals who have sensitive skin

Based from the reviews as well as the pros and cons of each product, it seems as though the PowerTrain FingerTape is highly recommendable in general – as per its overall quality including durability, benefits, strength, and adhesiveness of the product. However, if you are looking for more options and wish to narrow more than two products down, you can check them out through Amazon. Here is the direct link – Amazon BJJ Finger Tapes.

If you think you can still keep going and finish your scheduled BJJ training, you can never go wrong with one of these best BJJ finger tapes to protect your joints from getting additional damage and injuries. For newbies and beginners in this martial art, they will probably have to spend more time on practices and training before mastering this combat sport and in the process, getting injured is inevitable sometimes.

Being able to do your daily Jiu Jitsu practices regularly is a huge achievement unlocked, even more if you’re a beginner. But never forget that it’s also your responsibility to take care of your body and stray away from possibly getting yourself injured in the process.

Venum “Challenger Pro” Backpack

Venum “Challenger Pro” Backpack

The Venum Challenger Pro backpack comes into view with several features ensuring the quality of the product in general. Before we start discussing about the list of benefits and advantages you can get from purchasing this backpack, it’s also best that you also know what your needs are and your backpacker style.

You can definitely find a lot of good reasons to get yourself a backpack, especially if you are someone who likes to travel a lot or someone who’s extremely organized and visits the gym on a regular basis.

Not only that, carrying a backpack wherein you can place all of your belongings and necessities altogether seems to be the better option rather than keeping your things in different bags and pouches, which is hassle and unorganized. Apart from going to the gym or train various martial arts on your own, this backpack can be very useful in various ways such as helping you secure your hygiene kits safely, making it easier for you to find your things whenever you need them due to its very organized compartment pockets, and many more.

With that, the “Challenger Pro” is one of the best deals you can find in the market, not to mention that it is being produced by one of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers in the world, Venum. If you are a regular backpacker, you have to consider adding this one on your backpack collection.

10 Good Reasons to Buy the Venum “Challenger Pro” Backpack

The “Challenger Pro” backpack is well-made of a water and hard-resistant polyester fabric, which means that it comes off extremely durable and it doesn’t wear off easily, unlike the ones only made of cotton. Given that it is well-made of a high quality polyester fabric, it has strong fibers while keeping the bag flexible and shrink resistant.

Judging from the list of advantages one can get from buying a “Challenger Pro” backpack, it seems as though the product does not only work perfectly for gym-goers and travelers, but it’s also very beneficial to individuals who carry laptops and MP3 players with them. If you’re a backpacker or someone who enjoys outdoor activities most of the time, it’s a one top priority to get yourself a suitable backpack where you can safely place all your personal belongings like medicines, first aid kits, cellphones, chargers, and more.

  • Laptop storage pocket fits up to 17″ & Specific MP3 player pocket
  • Large main zip compartment & Half-zip front pocket with multiple storage space
  • Bottle storage with laces system closure & Ergonomic padded with mesh panels
  • Removable hook for your keys
  • Laptop storage packet fits up to 17 inch
  • MP3 player pocket
  • Large main zip compartment
  • Half-zip front pocket with multiple storage spaces
  • Padded backing and air-mesh fabric were added for ultimate support
  • Adjustable foam-filled shoulder straps, makes carrying items varying from heavy books to training gear

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of this Challenger Pro backpack, the inside-look of the bag is spacious enough, allowing ample rooms for other stuff and necessities that you want to bring with you on your travels and or training. Unless you do not need a backpack and doesn’t feel like having one, this bag is surely one of the most expedient options you will ever have.

It’s not a bad move if you basically just want to reflect on your buying decision by just simply considering the brand name and the product’s overall quality, but considering a few extra benefits is definitely a good idea, even more if your daily outdoor activities appear to be unsystematic and unplanned most of the time.

In addition, a lot of reasons are usually being put into consideration by several buyers and one of them is “style.” While it may not be viewed totally necessary by other backpackers, the style is among the many considerations as to why a buyer ends up buying the other one with a cool design rather than the other that comes into view with higher quality.

Regardless, it still won’t matter anyway so as long as you feel a lot more comfortable and secure with your hand-picked backpack, go for it. How you perceive the item in general differs from how others deem the product important based on their needs and preference.

While bunches of known brands offer the same quality and performance as the Venum “Challenger Pro” backpack, you can never go wrong with this one, even more if you have been patronizing Venum’s products for years, which means you already know that all products manufactured by this company are all made to the highest standards.


  • Extremely resistant
  • Great quality, especially for the price
  • Awesome pack,
  • Well designed with great material
  • Looks good and stylish
  • The side pockets are great for accessories like locks, mouth piece
  • Fairly priced for its good performance and service
  • This bag is incredibly well-made and really well thought out
  • It has a section inside that fits school computer perfect along with other stuff
  • Multi-functional and can be used for plenty of reasons – getaways, travels, and more
  • Decent bag to transport back and forth
  • Many sections – which is a good thing especially for women who love to bring extra stuff like cosmetics, ponytails, and more.
  • It arrives promptly and comes in shape with excellent packaging

Like many other products in the markets, bad feedback and reviews are always inevitable. Even the products manufactured by prominent and leading companies like Venum are not exempted. Below is the list of disadvantages one can get from purchasing the Venum’s Challenger Pro backpack.


  • Not big enough for regular adult use
  • Pack is smaller than expected
  • Side bottles for water pockets are smaller than expected
  • Not all the zippers had the rubber pulls
  • Too small for some

If you are quite meticulous and always careful about choosing the right backpack for you, the best suggestion is for you to take a look of the pros and cons of the product before wrapping up your final decision. Aside from the advantages and disadvantages tackled in this post, considering the reputation of its manufacturer is also a good move to ensure you are on the right track.

If you have yet to gift yourself a backpack this holiday season, you can try adding the Venum’s Challenger Pro backpack in your checklist. Regardless, the final decision on whether or not you should make a purchase is still yours to make.

On the other hand, whatever basis you have in mind, you can’t beat the fact that the overall benefits and product quality in general are still two of the most important factors to consider firsthand.

Venum “Challenger Xtreme” Backpack Review

Venum “Challenger Xtreme” Backpack Review

Are you getting ready for next year and almost done setting up your 2018 gym calendar? Or you might be planning to start the year with squeezing in a few trips before going back to work. If your answer is yes, you might also be looking for the best backpack buddy that you can use to keep your things well-organized all the time.

Plenty of cheap backpack and gym bags are on-sale since the holiday season isn’t over yet, but never go panic-buying and always consider checking the benefits and convenience you can get that should all be worth the money you are paying for.

Here’s a review for the Venum “Challenger Xtreme Backpack” to give you more options to choose from before wrapping up your final decision on whether or not the product will be fitting to your overall perception as a customer.

Majority of the backpackers and gym goers prefer a more spacious bag where they can put all the necessary stuff before hitting their respective training and or before their planned after-holidays outing starts kicking off.

Tons of gym bags and backpacks are everywhere, but individuals who can’t go a day without carrying one are the real targets of this review.

Features: Why Venum ‘Challenger Xtreme’ is one of the best buys


The Venum “Challenger Xtreme” is well-made to the highest quality that comes into view with several features. It is made of 100% Polyester and has a built-in MP3 player pocket with headphone opening, which clearly means that this backpack can really be used for a bunches of reasons.

In addition, it also comes with a duffle zip pleat which allows the bag to be converted from a backpack to a duffle bag and vice versa. It also has an enclosed side cooler pocket and an upper micro-fleece pocket to keep your gadgets safe from any possible dents and scratches.

While your buying decision depends on your personal needs, reason for buying, and style preference as an individual, it’s always better to opt for better options and for something really worth paying for. Either you are much into sports and you visit the gym on a regular basis, or just somebody who likes to travel a lot, you might have already narrowed your considerations down before deciding on whether or not you should give this one a try.

Venum backpacks are popular among top athletes and happens to be one of the world’s top distributors of sports apparels, accessories, and equipment. Given the fact that the company has long established its reputation in the industry along with many other known brands, there’s no need for you to ask more proofs of the product’s overall quality and performance.

With that, you definitely won’t have a hard time deciding as all the reviews and real-time testimonials from hundreds of users are simply just all over the internet feeds. If you are looking for a backpack to prepare for your upcoming outdoor activities, include the Venum “Challenger Xtreme” as one of your best picks.


  • The water bottle compartments are clutch
  • There are several other useful pockets
  • The straps are comfortable enough without taking up a ton of space
  • Great quality and  appears to be durable
  • More than enough space to store your things
  • Great bag and also stylish
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Lots of room and just the right amount of compartments
  • Can carry all your gears,  can even hold more
  • Has a great cooler compartments
  • Fairly priced for its good performance and  service
  • There’s a good space in the main compartment so if you play soccer, baseball, or football, you can fit most, if not all, of that gear in there.


  • Broken zippers for some
  • When overstuffed or becomes too heavy, zippers might not be that strong enough to hold
  • Should have thicker straps since this bag is mostly used for training and other hardcore outdoor activities and must be able to support heaviness of the bag all the time

Customer Perception in General

If you have been used to shopping online, a bunch of great deals can be found on the internet. However, most of the regular shoppers would always check the reviews first before taking their moneys out of their respective pockets. The aforementioned pros and cons were reviews made by the customers who have personally tried the Venum “Challenger Xtreme” backpack themselves.

If you have been using Venum products for a long time and have been used to the level of quality and performance of their products, you probably won’t find any reason to waste your time reading all the reviews and trust your own evaluation of their products instead.

This “Challenger Xtreme” is quite impressive in terms of being spacious, which means the backpack really works perfect for individuals who carry plenty of gears and other necessities like medical and hygiene kits whenever they have to.

While it’s really important that you get to discover real feedback and reviews about the product before you try it yourself, it really doesn’t matter which brand you should choose. May it be for your gym training and or for your traveling adventures, as long as the description and overall quality of the product suit your needs as a backpacker, then go buy it.

You choice is totally different from others. The reviews will help you decide and inform you of the possible disadvantages ahead, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you also have to do the same. Being a customer, you get that freedom to choose which brand will match your needs, preference, and style – so if you perceive this “Challenger Backpack” as something you might need before hitting 2018, it won’t harm if you give it a try.

Besides, backpacks are all made over the same purpose and some manufacturers just added a few extra to make it appear a lot better than many other brands. Unless you really don’t find the need for a bigger backpack, if you visit the gym regularly for your training and do travel more often at the same, you can never go wrong with the Venum’s “Challenger Xtreme” backpack.