Jiu-Jitsu GI for Big Guys: Best Options

As with any sport, the clothing and equipment that you use are important. The Jiu-Jitsu Gi for big guys or small men has evolved over the years and, although modern manufacturers have tried to keep the look traditional, the modern uniform is a lot more practical,...

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Ultra Light BJJ GI For Kids From Elite Sports Review

You have to get the best quality dress gear for your kids when they are involved in martial arts activities. Part of the fun for kids, is wearing something cool to wear and toss into their backpack. With this in mind, you can comfortably choose the Elite Sports BJJ Gi...

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Best BJJ Gi Bags 2017

Unless you are walking out of your house with your jiu-jitsu gi on, you need some sort of bag to carry your gi and all of your equipment and gear in. Luckily, there are bags made especially for jiu-jitsu. Lets discuss the best BJJ bags of 2015 2017. (We updated this...

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Funny Rash Guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA 2017

Many academies make their students wear their own gi's. However, a lot of times, you have the option of wearing your own unique rash guards. And if you train at a no-gi school, then you probably have several rash guards that you rotate with during the week. In no-gi...

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Baby Jiu-Jitsu Onesies

SHORT SLEEVE ONESIE (Available in different colors and sizes): $19.99 - Short Sleeve - Click Here for more info * We use Spreadshirt to fulfill our orders because they are a trusted brand, safe and secure, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. LONG SLEEVE ONESIE: ...

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