When you get to the electric underhooks, the first position to get the electric chair can happen a couple of different ways. As Eddie Bravo explains.

1:19 – Instead of having electric underhooks you can also do the following.

1:26 – Gable grip your hands under your opponent’s left leg. Squeeze and drive your elbow in and muscle to your other side.

That can still work, the problem is you are giving it away. There is no way you will transition to dog fight if you have the underhook there.

1:44 – Your opponent knows to sprawl 100%, so you can’t transition to dog fight.

1:57 – So if you are in this position. And he commits too much, then it’s easy for you to get to the dog fight position.

So now your opponent is in the middle. He doesn’t know if you are going to dog fight or go to the electric chair. So it makes the electric chair easier.

2:20 – Now you have the electric underhook, you can go to dog fight or to electric chair. No hesitation in motion. It makes your opponent not overcommit.

2:32 – If he doesn’t overcommit on defense, it’s easier. Less defense.

2:36 – When you decide to go to the electric chair, the first move off the electric underhooks is to roll him to your left side. So you push him the opposite way first, so he pushes the way you want to go.

3:02 – You are going to push your chest up and squeeze, so that he pushes back and you roll the way you want.

3:17 – He is going to pull out his over hook, his whizzer and base.

3:23 – You will be in this position where you have your opponent’s leg on your bicep. The goal is to get your opponents leg over your shoulder. At this point, he is going to base and try to walk backwards.

3:42 – You need to try and take his base out using your other arm. Shove his leg over your shoulder. Clinch on your neck.

3:55 – You can sweep here 95% of the times. You can get on top. If you lose the lockdown, you don’t have it.

4:07 – Keep the lockdown and keep your opponent’s leg over your shoulder, and get on your elbow and get up.

4:09 – But here you can check their flexibility. Get up on your elbow. Gable grip and collapse forward with your chest on the mat and stretch the lockdown.

That’s the electric chair!