Powerful Mount Escape – Tunnel Escape

Powerful Mount Escape – Tunnel Escape

Firas Zahabi from the Tristar Gym is back with another detailed Jiu-Jitsu move. In this move, he goes over in extreme detail how to escape the mount.


Some really great details including something as simple as framing, which I know a lot of jiu-jitsu players don’t do this correctly. The goal of the frame is to allow yourself enough space and to keep your opponent away. Done incorrectly, you are going to be using strength and muscle, which is something you want to try and avoid.

There are a lot of mount escapes available, but something Firas explains somethat that we really like at Jiujitsu Central, which is using moves that work in tournaments, in a gi, with no gi and even on the streets. In the video, he shows how effectively BJ Penn used this move against Matt Hughes in the UFC.


This mount escape works great even for smaller people.  As explained, the key to this escape is the framing and also making sure you elevate your hips high enough and then point your feet and your body as close to the floor as possible. This allows for that little space, which Firas calls “the tunnel.” With this little space, you can sneak your knee and from here either go to a leg lock or pull guard.


One thing to keep in mind, is to be careful as you turn your body away from your opponent, because you don’t want them taking your back.