As a kid you always wondered who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman? Or would The Hulk beat Ironman? Well, in Jiu-jitsu, the superfans always come up with dream matches. However, there is always the hope your favorite celebrities would battle it out. And thanks to the Jiu-jitsu God match makers, we may have one that could potentially happen.

The other day, Jeff Glover posted on his Instagram that it this BJJ match was official – Mario Lopez vs Tom Hardy. Jeff Glover is known for joking and also for believe the earth is flat, so were weren’t quite sure if this was real or not. After doing some more research, we still weren’t able to confirm this dream match up. Even in that same post, Jeff Glover makes a comment that it’s a joke. Or is it?

As one would imagine, the comments started blowing up! Most of the comments seem to favor Mario Lopez.

Even TJ Lavin, host of THE CHALLENGE, commented:

“If I ever do this I’m 💯% having you come hang w me!!”


Sean Patrick Flannery says:

Mario by Slater Slicer… rd. 1

Joke or not, and maybe even Jeff’s post instigated this, there is still really good reason to see this may happen. The reason is they both have competed. We recently saw Mario Lopez taking gold at a Jiu-jitsu tournament and saw some awesome takedown skills.

Mario Lopez trains Jiu-jitsu in Glendale at Gracie Barra. He’s been so dedicated to this martial art, that there is even video of him hiring Keenan Cornelius to do a private with him to teach him the worm guard. He also has his kids doing Jiu-Jitsu. In fact, he’s setting his son up for success as he has him wrestling as well. Which we all know is a huge advantage when doing BJJ.

And on the other hand, you have Tom Hardy who is no joke. He’s been training since 2011 and is a blue belt. He recently competed and posts on his instagram his love for Jiu-Jitsu.

Check Tom Hardy below submitting his opponent in this match. In the video, he’s going against a purple belt and attacks a leg.

In the 2nd match, you can see him submitting his opponent with an armbar. In the 3rd match, you see him showing off his no-gi skills and goes for another leg lock, which he ends up finishing. Now when he gets his hand lifted you see another competitor close to the camera who actually looks like George Clooney.

This is a match we at Jiujitsu Central would love to watch. We’re hoping FloGrappling can get going on actually making this a reality. In fact, if this match actually happens, it could be bigger than the Gordon Ryan vs Andre Galvao superfight. So, who would you take in this match? Mario or Tom?