Jiu-jitsu is an amazing martial art, but the benefits of practicing BJJ are immense. However, there is one form of fitness that produces some ridiculous human species, and that’s Crossfit.

In the early years of the formation of Crossfit, it got a bad rap. It’s probably due to all the injuries people would have when perfroming this. But why were people getting hurt so much? Well, it probably because one the foundations of Crossfit is performing Olympic Weight Lifting. But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is doing this until your exhausted.

This if course wouldn’t be bad if you are a professional athlete. But what happens when the average housewife or the blue collar working hobbyist takes on Crossfit? Without great supervision, it’s very easy to get hurt.

However, Crossfit has evolved. And the coaches are a lot better. But, there are still injuries. Does that make it bad? Go and talk to someone who does BJJ and ask them if they have ever been injured 🙂

So what happens when you combine these two? We got a great look at this by taking one of the best BJJ fighters against one of the best Crossfit athletes. The results, however, were not surprising.

In the video below, BJJ phenom Nicky Rod takes on Crossfit Champion Jason Khalipa.

They both start with a Crossfit workout. To begin, Jason teaches Nicky to do a bar muscle up. For many Crossfitters, this is an extremely hard exercise to perform. In fact, if you go to any Crossfit Box, you’ll see that many of the members can’t do this.

The fact that Nicky is able to get this quickly shouldn’t really come as a shock, but it’s still impressive.

Then they go into a typical Crossfit WOD. Not surprising, is that Jason wins. But Nicky really isn’t that far behind. To give you an example, a normal Crossfitter would have taken at least over 10 minutes to complete that workout.

And then we go into Nicky Rod’s world. Nicky teaches him a rear naked choke and after that they start rolling. Nicky is able to submit him at will, which again is not surprising. The surprising part is how well Jason hangs in there with a Jiu-jitsu superstar.