If you have never been to a 10th Planet Moon (that’s Academy in 10th Planet Lingo), then you are in for a surprise. 10th Planet is the nogi system that Eddie Bravo created and is full of such catchy lingo, that it often has more traditional Jiujitsu enthusiasts upset.

We personally love the 10th Planet system and all the different names Eddie has created for each position. Having a name associated with a position is like labeling books in a library. It’s easily accessible and everybody knows what you are talking about.

What’s great about this system, is that a lot of the moves are techniques you usually don’t encounter in a lot of different academies. For example, The Rubber Guard. Or even the Twister. Two of Eddie Bravo’s signature moves.

So what happens when a 10th Planet Black Belt goes against a more traditional Black Belt? In the video below, Zach, a 10th Planet Black Belt goes against Jordan Preisenger. Which by the way, we consider an elite black belt. In fact, he doesn’t even allow the 10th Planet Black Belt to use much of the 10th Planet System.

This roll is really entertaining to watch. So check it out below: