If you are a BJJ practitioner and are climbing up the ranks, one of the hardest people to go up against are wrestlers. Even when the wrestler is a BJJ white belt, it’s really hard to submit them. In fact, the newer the wrestler is at BJJ, it can sometimes be harder since they don’t react the same way a BJJ player would.

In the video below, a wrestler goes up against a BJJ purple belt. However, Tyler, the wrestler doesn’t seem to be just any wrestler. He also has done MMA and was a D2 college wrestler. He’s also had several knee surgeries, but it doesn’t seem to affect him in this roll. And finally, he’s also a BJJ purple belt so does understand the game which makes going up against a wrestler with his skills a lot harder.

Starting the roll, the wrestler goes for a guillotine and pulls off a sweep. In typical wrestler fashion, once the match gets going, he is able to put a good amount of pressure on the other purple belt. When going up against wrestlers, the amount of pressure they put on you is excruciating and definitely takes a toll on your BJJ game.

As the match continues, the wrestler keeps putting pressure and passing the guard. From side control, he continues to put more should pressure which makes it really hard to get out from underneath. From the top, the wrestler sees a kimura and goes for it. Eventually he gets a same side kimura finish.

After the reset, the wrestlers starts on the bottom, but ends up reversing it and ends up on top. Again, with wrestlers on top, it makes the whole roll extremely hard. On top of that, it’s really hard to pull off your own submissions. During this roll, you see the purple belt just stuck on bottom with no offense. Eventually the wrestler pull off another submission.

So what’s the takeaway from this roll? The best thing to do is be on top by starting with a sweep. However, if you lose that initial battle, be prepared to be on the defense the entire round.