Top Jiu-Jitsu competitor stopped by Marcelo Garcia’s academy and what a treat this was for all of us brazilian jiu-jitsu fans.


Obviously, Keenan is an active competitor nowadays and Marcelo spends his time coaching and teaching at his academy in Manhattan. You can learn so much by just watching two high level practitioners spar.


Check them out in the video below:


Keenan does an excellent job in narrating this video. The roll starts out with Keenan on his back and Marcelo quickly putting hip pressure in an attempt to pass Keenan’s guard.


Keenan does a great job of blocking the pass, but Marcelo’s pressure forces Keenan to actually go to the turtle position.


Keenan actually paused and rewinds the video in an important detail. Marcelo pops in his famous seat belt position and is about to get Keenan’s back. For 99.9% of the people out there, Marcelo would have had his opponents back, but Keenan does a really cool spin while in transition and is able to prevent this attack. Pretty sweet.


Then the tides turn, and Keenan goes more on the attack. There is a very cool move, when he goes for a kimura on Marcelo, Marcelo defends it with his knee by placing it on Keenan’s elbow. It opens up Keenan’s elbow and frees his own arm from getting submitted. Even Keenan wasn’t used to this defense. This leads to Marcelo putting Keenan into the crucifix position.


Then Keenan ends up getting Marcelo’s back. Keenan has a very effective back control called the kimura seat belt grip.


The rest of the match, Keenan is just holding on. It was great to watch these two high level jiu-jitsu legends sparring. Our hats go off especially to Marcelo who continues to roll with everyone who comes into this gym, with no ego. Great sportsmanship by both men.