Defending while you are on the bottom in someone’s side control can be very problematic, especially if you are dealing with a highly skilled opponent. In reality, it doesn’t matter where your hands are – someone skilled can attack from different positions. That’s why if you are on the bottom, you should constantly be adapting your defense to what your opponent is doing. In this video, Jeremy teaches a pretty cool reversal from the bottom.


If you are a little too late with an early defense from side control and your opponent cross faces you, this is a great side control reversal from the bottom. Timing and practice are everything in this move, because you do get exposed to an arm triangle if not done correctly.



As your opponent cross faces you, you grab their bicep and tuck in your elbow as you get as perpendicular as you can to your opponent.


Your other arms reaches over to grab the back of their belt.


Your legs end up bridging and you roll your opponent and you end up on top.


This works only with the gi, as you have to grab their belt. However, if you try and do this no-gi, you could possible reach for their hip. Move taught by Jeremy from Great Grappling.