Sidemount Escape with Granby Roll

Sidemount Escape with Granby Roll

Denis Kang shows Stephan Kesting a unique sidemount escape. This escape can be very useful when you are a smaller guy and are being pinned down against an opponent.


Usually, when you are sidemounted, most people will turn into their opponent. This one is the opposite, you turn away. If your opponent is familiar with the twister, then turning into them is not a great idea, so this escape works quite well.



If you are on the bottom and are pinned down, it’s important that your hands are placed correctly. You want your right hand and arm placed on your opponents hip. This helps keep them away and also prevents them from going north south on you.


Your other hand is a bit trickier, because the truth of the matter is that there is really no safe place, because if your opponent is good, they can threaten several moves – from kimura attacks to straight arm locks. So it’s always a good idea to move that arm and try to anticipate what your opponent is going to do.


In this video, Denis places his left arm on his opponents jaw bone, which is a great place, because he’s trying to create space in order to bring both of his hands in.


His next step, is he’s trying to create a scramble situation, and he does this by turning away. Now be careful, because if you don’t do this correctly, then you are exposing your back and your opponent could quickly jump on that opening.


From here, Denis goes right into a granby roll and flares his leg very wide, ending up in the guard. This roll, needs to be done correctly and does take a lot of practice to get used to. But if you do perfect this, it’s something that will frustrate your opponent.

Side Control Reversal with Cross Face

Side Control Reversal with Cross Face

Defending while you are on the bottom in someone’s side control can be very problematic, especially if you are dealing with a highly skilled opponent. In reality, it doesn’t matter where your hands are – someone skilled can attack from different positions. That’s why if you are on the bottom, you should constantly be adapting your defense to what your opponent is doing. In this video, Jeremy teaches a pretty cool reversal from the bottom.


If you are a little too late with an early defense from side control and your opponent cross faces you, this is a great side control reversal from the bottom. Timing and practice are everything in this move, because you do get exposed to an arm triangle if not done correctly.



As your opponent cross faces you, you grab their bicep and tuck in your elbow as you get as perpendicular as you can to your opponent.


Your other arms reaches over to grab the back of their belt.


Your legs end up bridging and you roll your opponent and you end up on top.


This works only with the gi, as you have to grab their belt. However, if you try and do this no-gi, you could possible reach for their hip. Move taught by Jeremy from Great Grappling.

The Ghost Escape from Side Mount

The Ghost Escape from Side Mount

Chris Herzog show the Ghost escape. Ghost escape from side mount is a great way to get out from under your opponent when he has you in side control. The ghost is actually a series of escapes that can be done from side-control, north from south, somebody’s passing guard with a knee-over pass. Chris will work it from side-control and actually all the way to sprawl control.


He’s done a similar one in the past that ended in the d’arce. But he’s been getting it from sprawl and trying to fit it with something with a higher percentage.


0:52 – Your opponent has got side-control. The first you always want to do is t-rex him. You lift your hips and shrimp away from him.


1:06 You want to then get a pimp arm with your right arm locking  out in his hips and establish then establish a whizzer with your left hand.


1:13 First thing you want to do is the 25-set up. You are going to hook his foot and drag it into half guard. But your opponent’s hands can prevent it by sliding his knees tight into your body. When that happens, your pimp arm is going to become an under-hook on the opposite side of his body.


1:29 Your legs are going to be tight and you are going to swing him along the floor as you drive yout under hook up and over your shoulder.


1:36 Stretch, wrap, tight like a football right into sprawl control.


1:46 Another angle and your opponent has you in  good side-control with over an under.


1:52 You come in and T-rex  I’m trying to lift your hips and I draw your hips and move away. Pimp arm and you are going to try to walk in, drive the foot over to half guard. He’s gonna slide his knees in.


2:18 You under hook his hip. Stretch your legs, swing them parallel to the mat as you stretch your arm over your body and you are going to go right into the sprawl control, give a lock. You are going to squeeze tight and slide with force.


Getting out from the side mount can be very tiring, especially against a larger opponent.


This move is a great way to escape.

Keith Owen: Escape Side Mount With Thumb On Armpit

Stopping your opponent from a side-control using a technique of putting your thumb into your opponent’s  armpit will surely pave the way for you to escape.
(0:18) The opponent is now in control of your body and you are below him. The first thing to do is to stop the opponent by placing both arms against his left arm. The opponent will come up high on you and come over.  Your opponent will think they can just come over.
(0:31) So immediately, when the opponent goes over, you put your thumb right in his armpit. Can your opponent come around in north-south? Sure but you know what you’re stopping him by pressing against his hip.
And all you have to do is scoot out and then put him in the guard.
(1:00) So in this position, you take your thumb and just put it in your opponent’s armpit. Keith explains he saw this in the UFC the other day. The UFC guy, he put it there and they got up on their elbow and stood all the way up against  Roy Big Country Nelson. Okay he did it on him and just right there put it right in his opponent’s arm. Oh, he had discovered it.
(1:44) So when you’re in position and your opponent is trying to get over and he brings that arm over-the-top, that’s fantastic. I hurt Stead man and he’ll try to come back fine and he wants to come back on. Not allowing that.


Escape side mount with Keith Owen. Keith shows how to put your thumb on opponent’s armpit and scoot out of side control. This is something Marcelo Garcia also does a lot.