Maintaining control while in the side mount is a powerful thing. There are so many attacks you can do from this position – from side chokes to kimuras. A very important thing to understand is how to maintain this position and keep your opponent on their back.


Most newer belts only have one side control position. If you watch high level players, you will see that they are constantly moving. In the video below, Ronis Gracie, shows three great side control variations and discusses side control strategies. You may have others that are your favorites, but if you learn the three below and constantly move from position to you position, your opponent will become incredibly frustrated, and will allow you the opportunity to attack.


Ronis starts in a very basic side control position. He has head and arm and his knees are both against his opponent, but his hips are flat. Many Jiu Jitsu players may say that this position allows your opponent to sneak their legs in, and go for full guard. But if you can be very flat and press your knees close to your opponent, this will prevent that from happening.


Ronis second variation happens when his opponent starts to press up against him. Then he turns into a modified side mount position. What’s great about this position, is that one of your hands goes against your opponents hips and prevents him from rotating – which eliminates you and your opponent going for an endless circle.


His third variation is his scarf control hold. He scoops up his opponents arm and switches his body completely. This is also a very effective control, the one thing you really have to watch out for is your opponent pushing up against your head.


Practice moving from these three positions and you will see how your side control game improves dramatically.

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