The Samurai roll is a great move to catch from the quarter guard. When your opponent has you in quarter guard, this is a great and unexpected move as you can do this the samurai roll and end up in twister side control, the truck or even get to the back.


Getting to the quarter guard is not very difficult. In fact, a lot of times you can bait your opponent, because they will want to try and get to the guard as soon as possible. If you are mounted on your opponent, you can bait them by leaving one of your legs out, and they will automatically go for the quarter guard.


It’s here that you can then roll over your should and end up in the truck position.



From the truck, you can go for the twister. But if you roll fast enough you can also end up taking your opponents back. This is a flashy move, but it’s a flashy move that actually works and since not many people attempt this samurai roll, you will catch a lot of higher ranked belts with this move.