Plan B Sweep from Half Guard is a sweep you would attempt from the half-guard lockdown position. Ideally, when going for a sweep from the lockdown, you would go for the Old School Sweep or for a sweep where you are in the Dog Fight Position.


When your opponent posts out his foot, in order to prevent the sweep, this is when you take them the other way and complete the sweep. This is a great “Plan B” to your regular sweep, and is where it gets its name.



1) From the lockdown position you will want to have double under hooks.


2) You need to use your legs and also push with your arms and hands your opponents up into the air and to your right side. This is called the Whip Up.


3) When your opponent posts his foot up, you want to C-Cup your hand, and place that hand under their thigh, while your other hand wraps around their torso.


4) Then you rock to the other side and complete the sweep.



Even though this is a very effective sweep, this can also set you up for the Electric Chair.