There is a myriad of martial arts that people from all over the world get drawn to. And, as is the case with everything else, some martial arts are flat out better than others. Of course, this is an oversimplified statement. There are countless distinctions that we can make in regards to how different martial arts perform in certain scenarios. And there is no such thing as a single best martial art that trumps all others in every way.

Regardless, comparing different martial arts in a non-biased way is bound to give you some important insights as to where to put your focus on. The last thing you want for yourself is to spend years of your life trying to master the chi energy “martial arts”, only to eventually realize that it’s all a scam. In this review, we’ll compare two martial arts – Small Circle Jujitsu and BJJ.

What is Small Circle Jujitsu?

Small Circle Jujitsu is a self-defense system that utilizes push-pull actions to control the opponent’s body without causing significant harm. It was developed by Wally Jay and it’s based on principles such as transitional flow, energy transfer, balance, and others.

A simple way to look at it would be to imagine twisting your opponent’s hand at the wrist and seeing him contort his entire body trying to decrease the strain on his hand. There are many tutorials that you can find and watch on YouTube and other platforms, but the truth is that Small Circle Jujitsu is not among the more popular martial arts of this day – especially when compared with BJJ.

Is Small Circle Jiu Jitsu Effective?

Many people are quick to lambast certain martial arts as completely ineffective in real fight scenarios. And we can easily see why this is the case by taking a close look on how fight promotions such as the UFC have panned out. At the beginning of the UFC, the fighters were practicing a plethora of martial arts.

But over time, the sport of MMA was chiseled down to the core basics that have been proven to work well under extreme duress. Is Small Circle Jujitsu one of these core basics? Not by a long shot. Compare this to BJJ which is a staple in many of the top fighters’ arsenal and there are even BJJ specialists that have gone quite high in the UFC’s rankings in the past.

However, we have to note the saying “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. We’re not saying that you can’t find anything of use in Small Circle Jujitsu. Some principles, such as focus the smallest point possible, can be successfully implemented not just in BJJ sports scenarios but also in real fights, as well.

The most important thing that you will extract if you train Small Circle Jujitsu is that you will get an improved understanding of how the human body works. One great example of implementing lesser-known martial arts in the fight game is Gorges St-Pierre – who proudly states that he’s a Kyokushin Karate practitioner first and foremost.

Comparing Small Circle Jujitsu and BJJ

However, if you’re uncertain as to which martial art you would like to train, when it comes to small circle jujitsu and BJJ, our advice for you would be to go with BJJ all the way. BJJ practitioners are experts in taking the fight to the ground where they will have the upper edge in controlling the opponent in ways in which they can completely subdue them. Just take a look at the Ryan Hall video where he chokes out an aggressive person in a restaurant. But also, there’s no harm done if you have been training small circle jujitsu, either. If you have, then it’s time to think of ways in which you will implement your knowledge of small circle jujitsu when practicing other martial arts – such as BJJ.