The martial art and sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is many things – but it’s definitely not easy to master, by any means. The usual reaction of complete novices is that they get dumbfounded at how inefficient they are with the use of their bodies. And this usually goes for gifted and experienced athletes, too.

So, the point is, if you’re on a path to BJJ mastery, then you will need all the help you can get. And you will need to dedicate a generous portion of your time to studying through all the resources that you have at your disposal. One of the best, yet most overlooked ways in which one can improve their knowledge of BJJ is by visiting the best BJJ forums. Plus, it’s a great way to find out the latest news and fun questions such has, what’s better, Tang Soo Doo vs BJJ, and much more.

Reasons to Join Jiu-Jitsu Forums?

Many practitioners are used to watching BJJ instructional videos and going to classes so that they can improve their game. And don’t get us wrong – these are indispensable ways when it comes to improving your knowledge of BJJ.

But the thing about forums is that they offer a special way in which hundreds of practitioners and fans from all around the world can get together and share their thoughts and experiences. Even complete novices can join the conversation and ask questions so that the senior belts could answer them.

In many cases, there will be a belt system, much like in the sport and martial art of BJJ, inside the forums, so you will know immediately who to turn to for advice. The best BJJ forums offer a great way for practitioners to join the BJJ community and share their knowledge – and every aspiring athlete should give them a go.

Top BJJ Forums or Groups

Facebook Jiu-Jitsu Group

We couldn’t have an artile on bjj groups without giving ourselves a shameless plug right? Our Facebook group is the official private group of Jiujitsu Central where we discuss anything jiujitsu. It’s a growing group, so come and visit us over here.

BJJ Subreddit on

This one is not a classic forum, per se. It’s a subreddit on one of the most popular websites on the internet – Reddit. Chances are that you’re already aware of Reddit’s popularity as well as the fact that it’s visited by millions of people on a daily basis. And the BJJ subreddit is very active, with dozens of different quality posts by experts every day. Be sure to check it out.

Jiu Jitsu Forums

Jiu Jitsu Forums is yet another online place where you can get together with other practitioners and fans of the sport. Everyone’s invited, including complete novices and newbies. But at the same time, there are several senior black belts that answer questions and share their thoughts and opinions on the game.

Martial Arts Planet

The Martial Arts Planet BJJ forum is a great place where you can learn lots about new BJJ techniques, among other things. Once again, everyone’s invited and seasoned veterans and newbies alike can share thoughts and opinions about BJJ. – BJJ

If you want to learn more about new ways in which you can improve your BJJ game, then feel free to visit the underground MMA Forum. You don’t even need to register an account to see what people are writing. But if you want to contribute, you can easily register an account on the site and share your thoughts and questions about BJJ.

Black Belt Forums

With topics ranging from “interesting ways to tie your belt” to “yoga and jiu-jitsu”, Black Belt Forums have a little something for everyone – and this goes not just for BJJ practitioners. Regardless, you will extract the greatest benefit if you too are a BJJ practitioner. Feel free to visit Black Belt Forums for more information.

Martial Talk – BJJ Forums

And if you’re after a bit more serious approach to the game, then we suggest that you visit the Martial Talk BJJ forums. There, you will find in-depth reviews of various BJJ moves as well as the core principles of the game. This forum is geared towards the more serious, seasoned practitioners of the sport, but this doesn’t mean that novices can’t make use of this forum.

Using All the Resources to Master the Game

If your goal is to truly master BJJ (if such a thing is even possible), then you need to use all the resources that you have at your disposal. And we feel that the best BJJ forums are an important piece of the puzzle. There are several benefits of visiting these forums, as we have already elaborated on.

However, it’s unreasonable to believe that you can become an expert just by reading through online forums. You will still need to dedicate yourself completely and use all the resources that you have at your disposal – of which the forums are a small, but important part. We hope that you’ll have fun visiting and participating in some of the best BJJ forums on the internet.