Nobody wants to be labeled as someone with a foul body odor, so as much as possible, we all want to keep ourselves clean and fresh all the time. Cleaning your body every day is not hard at all, but choosing the right product to entrust your skin and bodies with might be a little difficult, even more if you’re suffering from a bad odor or any type skin condition such as fungal infection, skin boils, dry skin, diabetic wounds, scaly patches, sun burns, itchiness, toenail fungus, and more.

Here’s a list of the best antibacterial soap for body odor along with the pros and cons from real users. It’s best if you read each post and the features to learn more about the product and what benefits does it have to help you get rid of your body odor. It’s great to look neat and fresh, but to smell like it is way better.

  •  Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash – Made in USA
  • CutiCare 10% Sulfur Soap Glycerin Base (1 Bar, 4 Ounces)
  • Organic Bar Soap for Athletes with Essential Oil of Lemongrass and Patchouli | Antibacterial, Antifungal for All Skin Types | 100% All Natural

Everyone is prone to get body odors, especially for individuals who are just about to hit their puberty stage. No one is safe from getting a stinky smell after spending long hours under the heat of the sun or even after going through an energy-draining outdoor activity at your work place. With that being said, you have to find the best antibacterial soap for your body.

Anti-fungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash – Made in USA


Tea tree oil is a known ingredient for treating fungal and bacterial infection. It’s also one of the most commonly used formula to reduce infection and adds on more benefits in removing germs and disease-causing bacteria that may be present in your body. This anti-fungal tea tree oil body wash is a multi-functional product that works perfectly on all types of skin-related conditions such as fungal infection, body odor, toenail fungus, ringworm, eczema, acne breakouts, itchiness, and more.

It looks like this product is well-thought and the ingredients all gathered together are quite impressive as it has been kept mild and all-natural without compromising the potency and efficiency of the product in general. Moreover, this also comes with an ability to hydrate your skin and makes the damaged skin recover faster. For anyone who has a sensitive skin, this one has got to be one of the best picks due to the fact that its formulation is made of natural ingredients that causes no harm to your skin.


  • Great smell, smells like in the spa
  • Leaves your skin soft and clean
  • Awesome smell while showering
  • Smell is just enough, leaves gentle feeling on the skin after usage
  • Cures toenail fungus
  • Cures bad feet odor
  • Nice and thick
  • Foams up nicely
  • Works for men and women
  • Perfect for athletes
  • Removes bad odor fast
  • Provides speedy recovery on skin with infections and foul odor
  • Most ingredients are organic and natural so guaranteed very safe to use
  • Doesn’t leave oily feeling
  • Great buy, awesome quality especially for the price
  • Lathers well
  • Perfect for curing dry and damaged skin
  • Cures eczema
  • Stops itching and rejuvenates skin from rashes
  • Cures stinky feet, armpit and other possible types of body odor
  • Tea tree scent is very nice and light, leaves great smell that lasts longer than expected
  • Stops acne breakout
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Not slippery at all
  • Highly recommended for individuals who have sensitive skin


  • A bit expensive for some

CutiCare 10% Sulfur Soap Glycerin Base (1 Bar, 4 Ounces)


A couple of active ingredients including sulfur were included in this antibacterial soap that swiftly removes unpleasant body odor in just a few washes. Guaranteed safe to use even for individuals who have sensitive skin, in fact, it has become one of the top recommendations by dermatologist pointing out various skin-related diseases that may lead to a more serious complication if being left untreated.

Antibacterial soap products are made to fight and eliminate bacteria and harmful germs in your bodies, which happen to be the main cause of having a body odor. If you have been suffering from any skin disease or just simply experiencing a bad odor that has been going on without treatment, you can add cuticare sulfur soap glycerin base in your list of choices.


  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Controls current skin problem and cures it overtime
  • Removes dirt
  • Eliminates body odor
  • Fights off bacteria and disease-causing germs
  • Saves your body from getting more bacteria
  • Perfect product for individuals with bad odor and experiencing skin problems


  • Comes with lesser reviews to use as reference before making a purchase
  • A bit expensive for some

Organic Bar Soap for Athletes with Essential Oil of Lemongrass and Patchouli | Antibacterial, Antifungal for All Skin Types | 100% All Natural


This organic bar soap for athletes comes into view with essential oil from lemongrass and patchouli, a perfect combination of natural ingredients that cures body odor real quick. All-natural, this antibacterial product is safe and effective, and best for removing bacteria and fungal that may be acquired from sweat after going through an intense training and practices.

If you’re an athlete and has been searching for a product that’s on-the-go anytime as well as packed with all the benefits that you need, you can never go wrong with this one. Aside from cleansing bacteria and eliminating foul odor, it will leave your skin delicate with great smell that’s long-lasting due to its active aromatic ingredients including bergamot rosemary and lime. Don’t be skeptical about giving this product a try and check out the advantages it has to offer, which seem to be a lot better than many other generic antibacterial soap products.


  • Keeps your skin healthy and germ-free
  • Guaranteed safe and effective
  • Leaves great smell
  • Long lasting
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Removes bad odor real quick
  • Comes with enough benefits, totally worth it
  • Scent sticks with your skin
  • Lathers well
  • Cleans very well, especially after workouts and gym sessions
  • Removes deodorant residue
  • Smells really great
  • Incredibly refreshing, perfect for hot weathers


  • Runs out fast
  • Expensive with much lesser quantity than other brands of the same price tag

Knowing that a bad odor comes from the bacteria residing in your sweat that spreads all throughout your whole body, what you need is not an ordinary soap but an antibacterial product that eliminates the bacteria and saves you from getting an unpleasant smell. Among the three products, the anti-fungal tea tree oil body wash seems to be the most efficient and has won hundreds of awesome feedback from real users.

While the anti-fungal tea tree oil body wash may be the best choice out of the three, your buying decision will still have to depend on a few factors including budget, preference, and overall needs as a consumer.