To minimize and lessen the risk of infection, cleaning your piercings regularly is a must. While you can choose how you want to clean your piercings and there’s a bunch of ways to do it without putting an extra effort to buy a certain product to use it with, getting the best antibacterial soap for your skin will make the healing and recovery process faster.

  • H2ocean Body Piercing Aftercare Antibacterial Foam Soap 1.7 Fl Oz with Sea Salt
  • Dr Pierce Inverness Anti Bacterial Body Piercing Cleanser 4 oz
  • Tattoo Goo “Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos & Piercings 2oz Special” – Four (4)

Each product comes into view with pros and cons from individual users who have attested the quality and efficiency of the soap in general. We all have different skin types so the results may differ from one another, however, if you’re quite serious about keeping your piercings clean, not itching, and irritation-free, do yourself a favor and check out this entire review.

H2ocean Body Piercing Aftercare Antibacterial Foam Soap 1.7 Fl Oz with Sea Salt


When using a certain product, especially for eliminating infection and disease-causing bacteria, we always want to make sure we’re paying for the right purchase. Review-based and judging from how this product was formulated, it seems as though the H2ocean Body Piercing Aftercare Antibacterial Foam Soap is a must-try for anyone who’s looking for an all-packed antibacterial cleanser soap.

Unlike many antibacterial products with strong substance and formulation that causes irritation after usage, this one is completely non-toxic and saves any skin type from possible irritation. Despite the product’s mild ingredients and sensitive mixture and given that it’s also alcohol-free, the overall effect is not compromised and it’s absolutely safe to use.


  • Great buy
  • High quality especially for the price
  • Works as advertised
  • Heals redness and infection
  • Keeps the pierced area still smooth and tender
  • Sea salt makes a unique combination


  • It’s not a soap, according to one user

Dr Pierce Inverness Anti Bacterial Body Piercing Cleanser 4 oz


The Dr. Pierce Inverness Anti-bacterial piercing cleanser works just the same with many other piercing cleanser in the market. Some antibacterial products can be used for oral and genital piercing, but are not advisable to be swallowed upon usage. However, this one cannot be used on oral and genital piercings.

Its formula is well-made to clean body piercings and keeps the areas free from infection and possible redness. Body piercings are painful during the first two weeks, even more if you are a first-timer. So, if you have yet to find a good match for your sensitive skin, but dying to make sure your piercing will not show any complications as the healing period progresses, it’s best to secure an anti-bacterial body piercing cleanser for your daily use.

While this product has not flaunted any reviews to use as reference to help you with your buying decision, there’s no harm giving this product a try. If you have a sensitive skin, opt for a product with tons of great feedback. On the other hand, anyone whose skin is flexible and versatile enough to try out any skin care and anti-bacterial products can give this one a try.


  • Cleans body piercing
  • Keeps piercing free from infection
  • Comes into view with a non-irritating formula
  • Best recommended for new body piercings


  • Less reviews to use as reference concerning the product’s efficiency and performance
  • Not safe to use for oral and genital piercing

Tattoo Goo “Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos & Piercings 2oz Special” – Four (4)


If you are looking for an anti-bacterial product that is not only good for cleaning body piercings, but also works well in eliminating dirt and germs, try the Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos & Piercings 2 oz Special. As buyers, we tend to become even more picky when it comes to buying certain products concerning our hygiene and health in general.

This product is best used for treating new tattoo and piercings. During the entire duration of the healing process, you can use this cleanser for maintaining the freshness of your tattoo as well as keep your piercing safe and free from irritation. It seems as though this cleanser is a bit multi-functional compared to many other antibacterial soap cleanser since it works perfectly in healing tattoos and piercings.

Moreover, it comes into view with a special CMX-L formula which allows the product to deeply cleanse the pierced and tattooed areas of the body. The fact that tattoos and piercings can get itchy and become more prone to bacteria and infection as the recovery phase progresses, it’s best that you have the most reliable antibacterial cleanser product which you can rely on.


  • Comes with a high-level quality control
  • Leaves gentle feeling to the skin
  • Leaves smooth feeling to the skin
  • Cleanse dirt and germs
  • Cleanse tattoo and piercings
  • Works as advertised
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Heals infected area fast
  • Keeps wound clean and fresh
  • Strays away from any bacteria and infection
  • Gives skin a nice feeling
  • Perfect for body piercings
  • Gentle to use
  • Safe to use
  • Great quality at a fair price



  • A bit expensive for some
  • Terrible bottle packaging

If you’re quite skeptical about using any antibacterial products, you must check out each of them thoroughly and list down a number of benefits which you thing are the most fitting to your needs. Aside from the pros, one of the things most buyers consider is the budget as well as the quantity. It’s hard to spot which product is going to give you the best results since every skin type vary from one another, but by simply checking out the features and the edges each of them has to offer you, you can wrap your decision from there.

There’s a bunch of soap products all over the market today, so you have enough options to choose from. This short review is just a list of some of the best antibacterial soap products specifically designed to clean tattoos and body piercings. This list of best antibacterial soap for piercings may or may not be part of your checklist, even more if you have already been using a certain product that’s just right and perfect for your skin. But in case you haven’t found one, you might want to give these products a try.