Ultra Light BJJ GI For Kids From Elite Sports Review

You have to get the best quality dress gear for your kids when they are involved in martial arts activities. Part of the fun for kids, is wearing something cool to wear and toss into their backpack. With this in mind, you can comfortably choose the Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids as it is made from the best quality pre-shrunk fabric. This will ensure that the BJJ GI material for your kids will not shrink after washing them for the first time.

You can even comfortably wash them in cold water and dry it in a normal way. Which for gis, it’s recommended to air dry. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is made from very lightweight material and ideally suited for this specific martial arts activity.

You can also consider the gi depending upon the height and weight of your kids. The same way you would for an adult gi. In this way, it is possible to choose the best sized wear for jiu jitsu sessions. You will also get a free belt in white color and this will be very useful for jiu-jitsu.

The belts also come with stripes and this will make it possible for the kids to display them after earning them in the tournaments. The products are manufactured in a professional manner and it offers the best fitting that gives superior quality, comfort during the martial arts training sessions.

There is no excess material on the edges and it will not cause any irritation during vigorous fitness activities. It will easily withstand the pressure of heavy workouts, especially when your opponent is grabbing at your collar, and last for a long duration without any problems.


The Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids can be used for long hours without any problems as there is no discomfort caused due to the overheating of the fabric. It is also made from the best quality materials that will disperse sweat in a quick way and give a comfortable feeling to your kids.

  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Made from pre-shrunk Fabric
  • Very easy to wash and dry
  • Very light in weight and made from 400 gsm fabric
  • The reinforced stitching will ensure proper durability for the fabrics
  • It has antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment to avoid infections


  • You will have complete flexibility during your sports activities
  • Very easy to clean the fabric using normal materials
  • You can use the size chart to pick the appropriate uniform for your kids
  • The size does not get altered after it is washed
  • Can be used for long hours without any problems


  • You should preferably wash them separately and not mix with other clothes
  • You will get the best performance only when you pick the appropriate sized uniform


The Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids offers the best protection for your kids during the martial arts training sessions. As the material is made from pre-shrunk fabric, you need not worry about the size getting altered after washing it for the first time, you will be glad to know that this is also approved by the IBJJF and you can use it as the regular uniform for the official tournaments.

It is also available in different sizes and you can comfortably order the appropriate months for your kids. As the design is unisex, you can comfortably use them for both boys as well as girls during the training sessions. The stripe bar on the white belt is an advantage and this will allow you to display the levels achieved in the sports activities.

There is no risk of infection when you use this uniform for a long duration as the material disperses sweat in an effective manner when rolling on the mats. You can comfortably take a look at the size chart before you order them for your kids.

The best way to select the suitable size is to choose them according to the height and weight of your children. The pants are made from drawstring variety and there will not have any issues in using them for a long duration.

As it is very easy to wash the clothes and dry them in quick time, you can comfortably use them for the tournaments and practice sessions without any problems.


When you compare Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids with other products like Sanabul BJJ Gi, you will notice that they are made from minimal shrinking fabrics and this will mean that you will have some level of adjustment to be made after the first wash. On the other hand, the Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids is made from fabrics that do not shrink after the first usage and you can comfortably get to choose the appropriate size for your kids.

In the same manner, when you choose the Versus BJJ Gi jacket, you will notice that it does not come with the belt and you will have to buy them separately in the market. However, the Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids comes with a white belt that is ideally suited for your sports tournaments and you can even display your specific level by choosing the appropriate color for the stripes.


The advantage of choosing Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids over other similar products is that you will get the best value for your money due to the comfortable fabric. The stitching is done in a perfect manner and you will not find any excess materials in the edges which will give a comfortable feeling for your kids when they use it for long hours.

When you choose the best fitting clothes for your children, they will be comfortable when they are involved in active sports and you will also get the best value for your investment. The sharp embroidery offers the best outlook for the entire costume and you will be completely impressed with the overall outlook of the uniform.

The Elite Sports BJJ Gi for kids is made from the finest quality fabric that has undergone anti-microbial treatment and you can expect the best performance from these materials. You will notice that the sweat will be dispersed in short duration without any problems and you will not have any issues with overheating of the fabric.

All these wonderful properties and the attractive price make it a good deal and you can easily rely on the superior quality performance of this fabric. Your kids will have a comfortable time when they use such materials for the sports tournaments.