Nobody wants to have an ugly skin due to a disease left untreated. Speaking of a medical condition related to your skin, erythrasma is one of the most common type of skin diseases; a type of infection that causes the skin to become brown and  bear awful scaly patches. If you are currently going through this type of skin problem, it’s about time to boost your confidence up and start looking for the best antibacterial soap.

To help you find the best antibacterial soap for your erythrasma, here’s a list of skin repair products with some pros and cons made by real users. Being skeptical is understandable given that you will be using them to cure and keep your skin healthy and germ-free. However, if you have yet to find a suitable product to end your condition for good, you must check out this entire review.

  • Terrasil Antibacterial Skin Repair 3X Faster Dr. Recommended 100% Guaranteed All Natural Ointment
  • Terrasil Wound Care – 3X Faster Healing, Dr. Recommended, 100% Guaranteed, Patented, Homeopathic, Infection Protection Ointment
  • Terrasil Itch, Rash, and Pain Relief – Fast-acting, soothing, 100% Guaranteed, All-Natural Ointment

One of the top contributing factors of being exposed to erythrasma is through a gram-positive bacteria residing in your skin, which may come into view with various symptoms including rashes in the skin folds and fungal infections. Going through such circumstance will not only destroy your self-esteem, but it can also lead to a more serious illness if taken for granted.

And when practicing BJJ or any contact sport for that matter, you have to watchful of all kinds of skin diseases and even things like herpes.

Antibacterial Skin Repair 3X Faster Dr. Recommended 100% Guaranteed All Natural Ointment By Terrasil


Terrasil’s antibacterial skin repair ointment is a well-formulated product specifically designed to cure different types of skin diseases. While serving its true purpose of killing bacteria and dangerous microorganism, this antibacterial product has more to offer than what you only need. It will not only eradicate any type of disease-causing bacteria, but it will also protect you from any type of skin disorder.

What made this product more dominant in terms of positive feedback and reviews is due to its multi-functional performance which flaunts its ability to repair and cure several skin conditions, as well as repair the skin faster than other antibacterial skin repair products. Made with natural ingredients, this is guaranteed safe and effective in curing irritated and damaged skin.


  • Works well for facial folliculitis
  • Repairs burned, dry, damaged, and irritated skin
  • Cures itchy scalp
  • Actively kills bacteria
  • Provides protection to skin
  • Recommended and used by doctors and dermatologists
  • Awesome quality, highly effective
  • All natural, guaranteed safe to use
  • Provides fast-healing and recovery
  • Heals injury, scars, and wounds fast with great results
  • Perfect anti-fungal product
  • Can cure various skin diseases
  • Eliminates itchiness and rashes
  • Heals diabetes cuts and wounds faster than usual
  • Works really well against bacterial and fungal infections
  • Lessens pain drastically after going through some serious skin disease
  • Great for acne breakouts
  • Recommended for anyone with very sensitive skin


  • A  bit pricey
  • Ointment is hard to get out from the tube, very thick ointment
  • Bad tube/packaging

Terrasil Wound Care – 3X Faster Healing, Dr. Recommended, 100% Guaranteed, Patented, Homeopathic, Infection Protection Ointment (14 gram tube) 

Recovering from a serious skin illness is not an easy process, exactly the opposite to what the TV ads are promoting to sell various wound care and skin repair products. But, if a certain brand has long proven its worth and efficiency for years and even recommended by doctors, you surely won’t have to think twice on whether or not you should make a purchase.

Terrasil has long built its reputation when it comes to healthcare products. Next to their skin repair ointment is Terrasil’s wound care ointment producr that heals three times faster than ordinary brands. Based on the reviews, many users were happy about the overall results and reviews have also claimed that this ointment does not only eliminate bacteria and many disease-causing germs, but also provides a speedy recovery.


  • Highly recommended for bedsores
  • Heals any type of injuries, wounds, and sores
  • Great for diabetic patients
  • Heal scratches, scrapes, and puncture wounds
  • Provides speedy healing and recovery
  • Prevents a pressure sore from forming, blistering, and opening
  • Awesome product, excellent quality
  • Very safe to use
  • Great for digital ulcers
  • Works really well for leg ulcers
  • Cures an abscess
  • Cures infection and prevents it from spreading
  • No burning, not sticky at all
  • Works well for ongoing boil/cyst issues
  • Can also be used for healing chemical burns
  • Great buy, can’t beat the quality


  • Very expensive
  • Supplies run fast so this product is very hard to find on drug stores
  • Might stain clothing

Terrasil Itch, Rash, and Pain Relief – Fast-acting, soothing, 100% Guaranteed, All-Natural Ointment – 50g

If you’re suffering from a skin illness, there’s no way you can escape extreme itching and irritation, even more if you have been fighting such battle for the longest time. Terrasil took the initiative to make a product that’s specifically designed to stop itching and irritation, allowing your skin to breathe and heal as the recovery period progresses.

Every patient with a skin illness has to deal with lots of discomfort, including itchiness, rashes, pain, and sores. This product relieves itchiness and rashes all at the same time. This is well-formulated with natural  and organic ingredients responsible for eliminating skin irritation while leaving the skin moisturized and fragrance-free.


  • Cures intense itching
  • Works well for various skin diseases
  • Awesome quality, great buy
  • Rejuvenates dry skin
  • Brings back moisture
  • Provides long lasting relief
  • Heals heat rashes from workouts
  • Awesome anti-itch ointment
  • Cures skin irritation fast
  • Alleviates current itchiness of the skin
  • Calms redness
  • Perfectly relieves pain
  • Great for skin allergies


  • A bit pricey
  • Small tube, too expensive with less

Tons of wound care and skin repair products are all over the market today, so you’ll probably have more than enough options to choose from. However, what makes buying a bit difficult is due to the fact that no matter how expensive the product is, the results will still vary from your skin type.

With that, it’s really important to make your own research firsthand before buying any products concerning your health. In this review, all products have received excellent reviews and ratings, so your decision will probably be more dependent on your budget and needs as a buyer.