Finding the best spats for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not actually as difficult as finding the best gis, but spats have been slowly taking its own place in the market as demand increases among individual practitioners. Others refer spats as the man’s leggings or some considered them just tights, however, the term “spats” is more popular and used more often by Jiu Jitsu players.

Before checking out the list of the best BJJ spats to use for intense training and mat sessions, it’s always important that you also try to narrow down the benefits you can get prior to wrapping up your final decision on which brand to settle for.  Spats offer bunches of great benefits, but the main advantage is compression.

To give you a better understanding of the benefits and provide you the best deals all at the same time, check out the list below with real-time reviews from individual users who have tried the product themselves.

  • Anthem Athletics 10+ Styles – HELO-X Grappling Spats Compression Pants Tights
  • Sanabul New Item Mens Compression Base Layer Workout Jiu Jitsu Spats Tights
  • DRSKIN Men’s Compression Warm Dry Cool Sports Tights Pants Baselayer Running Leggings Yoga

Anthem Athletics 10+ Styles – HELO-X Grappling Spats Compression Pants Tights

The Anthem Athletics 10+ Styles – HELO – X Grappling Spats Compression is well-made from compression material. It is also constructed from lightweight, ultra-strong, and moisture-soaking materials. Added to the benefits offered by this product are the fully-sublimated graphics and logos that will never crack, allowing you to achieve an all-out optimum performance in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Aside from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this type of spat also works extremely perfect for MMA, wrestling, and submission grappling, making it a product that is multi-functional and trustworthy in terms of quality and durability in general. In addition, the Anthem Athletics Helo-X Spats are also made to the highest standards with first-rate materials and it comes into view with great style and sizing.


  •  Material is thick enough to be used for BJJ/grappling, instead of just as a warm base layer
  • Great quality at a very reasonable price
  • Great quality compression pants
  • Cool styles and designs
  • Well-made and sharp-looking
  •  Great compression around the legs
  •  They are extremely resilient to damage
  • Fits amazing well
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Remains strong and durable after several rolls
  • Screening is crisp and clean
  • The length is good and the waist fits snug but not restrictive
  • Excellent fabric materials used
  • Good stretch and still thick enough to protect
  • Feels smooth and tight, but still breathable in terms of performance
  • Fits well and is multi-functional – works perfectly not just for BJJ but for simple sports such as jogging and biking


  • Drawstring comes out after washing if not removed
  • Appears to be too stretchy for some

Sanabul New Item Mens Compression Base Layer Workout Jiu Jitsu Spats Tights

The Sanabul New Item Mens Compression Base Layer Workout Jiu Jitsu Spats Tights is well-constructed to the highest quality with reinforced 5-thread 2-needle stitching and elastic waistband, providing it superior quality and making it extremely comfortable to use for individual practitioners.

The Sanabul’s new item comes into view with lots of great features including the UV SPF protection in case you want to wear them during your outdoor activities and or field training.  In addition, this latest model is well-made of polyster, nylon, and spandex, making it a more perfect fit and can work best for both hot and cold weathers. You’ll never go wrong with this new item men’s compression base layer spats as it gives you more than enough advantage from style, comfort, down to durability and overall quality of the product.


  • They fit as expected and aren’t too tight or loose
  • They are very breathable and so far are holding up to the beating
  • High quality yet affordable
  • Great fit and style
  • Very durable
  • The waist band holds the product in place
  • Great support under gi pants
  • Superior choice in terms of style, comfort, and feel
  • Moves with the body and won’t stick when you start sweating
  • Cool to touch and stretchy
  • Comfortable to wear even after going through long hours of rolls and grappling


  • Too fragile to wear for some
  • Smaller than other brands
  • Might fall apart after several washes
  • Waistband appears to be too tight for some

DRSKIN Men’s Compression Warm Dry Cool Sports Tights Pants Baselayer Running Leggings Yoga

The “DRSKIN Men’s Compression Warm Dry Cool Sports Tight Pants Base Layer Running Leggings Yoga” is a multi-functional spats that works perfect for almost all types of sports and martial arts, may it be a combat sport like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any physical practices such as Yoga.

Made of 92% polyster and 8% spandex along with its ultra-soft fabric, this brand never settles for less when it comes to comfort in general. Aside from comfort and smoothness, it is also made of a non-abrasion fabric material with UV blocking capacity of up to 98.8%. If you’re someone who likes doing your BJJ routines under little rays of sunlight and or feels a lot more energized doing it early in the morning, this one is the best deal for you since it also has a quick and dry transport system, which is perfect for both hot and cold weathers.


  • Great fit
  • The compression tights feel great
  • Fit great with just enough pressure on your legs and knees
  • Excellent support
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • The fabric keeps you warm during the cool temperature outside, but cool later on post-workout
  • They are extremely breathable and comfortable
  • Lasts for long hours of exercise and training


  • Run a little smaller than other models of this same brand
  • Almost baggy at the ankles
  • A bit thinner than many other spats

Spats firmly hold muscles and improve blood flow, which happens to be one of most efficient means to boost your performance. If you have an ample knowledge about how much benefits you can actually get from wearing spats underneath your gi pants, especially when going through rough rolls and grappling, you probably won’t mind collecting the best spats to match your BJJ gis with and this list of the best BJJ spats will help you narrow the choices down before giving your final say.