The Venum Challenger Pro backpack comes into view with several features ensuring the quality of the product in general. Before we start discussing about the list of benefits and advantages you can get from purchasing this backpack, it’s also best that you also know what your needs are and your backpacker style.

You can definitely find a lot of good reasons to get yourself a backpack, especially if you are someone who likes to travel a lot or someone who’s extremely organized and visits the gym on a regular basis.

Not only that, carrying a backpack wherein you can place all of your belongings and necessities altogether seems to be the better option rather than keeping your things in different bags and pouches, which is hassle and unorganized. Apart from going to the gym or train various martial arts on your own, this backpack can be very useful in various ways such as helping you secure your hygiene kits safely, making it easier for you to find your things whenever you need them due to its very organized compartment pockets, and many more.

With that, the “Challenger Pro” is one of the best deals you can find in the market, not to mention that it is being produced by one of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers in the world, Venum. If you are a regular backpacker, you have to consider adding this one on your backpack collection.

10 Good Reasons to Buy the Venum “Challenger Pro” Backpack

The “Challenger Pro” backpack is well-made of a water and hard-resistant polyester fabric, which means that it comes off extremely durable and it doesn’t wear off easily, unlike the ones only made of cotton. Given that it is well-made of a high quality polyester fabric, it has strong fibers while keeping the bag flexible and shrink resistant.

Judging from the list of advantages one can get from buying a “Challenger Pro” backpack, it seems as though the product does not only work perfectly for gym-goers and travelers, but it’s also very beneficial to individuals who carry laptops and MP3 players with them. If you’re a backpacker or someone who enjoys outdoor activities most of the time, it’s a one top priority to get yourself a suitable backpack where you can safely place all your personal belongings like medicines, first aid kits, cellphones, chargers, and more.

  • Laptop storage pocket fits up to 17″ & Specific MP3 player pocket
  • Large main zip compartment & Half-zip front pocket with multiple storage space
  • Bottle storage with laces system closure & Ergonomic padded with mesh panels
  • Removable hook for your keys
  • Laptop storage packet fits up to 17 inch
  • MP3 player pocket
  • Large main zip compartment
  • Half-zip front pocket with multiple storage spaces
  • Padded backing and air-mesh fabric were added for ultimate support
  • Adjustable foam-filled shoulder straps, makes carrying items varying from heavy books to training gear

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of this Challenger Pro backpack, the inside-look of the bag is spacious enough, allowing ample rooms for other stuff and necessities that you want to bring with you on your travels and or training. Unless you do not need a backpack and doesn’t feel like having one, this bag is surely one of the most expedient options you will ever have.

It’s not a bad move if you basically just want to reflect on your buying decision by just simply considering the brand name and the product’s overall quality, but considering a few extra benefits is definitely a good idea, even more if your daily outdoor activities appear to be unsystematic and unplanned most of the time.

In addition, a lot of reasons are usually being put into consideration by several buyers and one of them is “style.” While it may not be viewed totally necessary by other backpackers, the style is among the many considerations as to why a buyer ends up buying the other one with a cool design rather than the other that comes into view with higher quality.

Regardless, it still won’t matter anyway so as long as you feel a lot more comfortable and secure with your hand-picked backpack, go for it. How you perceive the item in general differs from how others deem the product important based on their needs and preference.

While bunches of known brands offer the same quality and performance as the Venum “Challenger Pro” backpack, you can never go wrong with this one, even more if you have been patronizing Venum’s products for years, which means you already know that all products manufactured by this company are all made to the highest standards.


  • Extremely resistant
  • Great quality, especially for the price
  • Awesome pack,
  • Well designed with great material
  • Looks good and stylish
  • The side pockets are great for accessories like locks, mouth piece
  • Fairly priced for its good performance and service
  • This bag is incredibly well-made and really well thought out
  • It has a section inside that fits school computer perfect along with other stuff
  • Multi-functional and can be used for plenty of reasons – getaways, travels, and more
  • Decent bag to transport back and forth
  • Many sections – which is a good thing especially for women who love to bring extra stuff like cosmetics, ponytails, and more.
  • It arrives promptly and comes in shape with excellent packaging

Like many other products in the markets, bad feedback and reviews are always inevitable. Even the products manufactured by prominent and leading companies like Venum are not exempted. Below is the list of disadvantages one can get from purchasing the Venum’s Challenger Pro backpack.


  • Not big enough for regular adult use
  • Pack is smaller than expected
  • Side bottles for water pockets are smaller than expected
  • Not all the zippers had the rubber pulls
  • Too small for some

If you are quite meticulous and always careful about choosing the right backpack for you, the best suggestion is for you to take a look of the pros and cons of the product before wrapping up your final decision. Aside from the advantages and disadvantages tackled in this post, considering the reputation of its manufacturer is also a good move to ensure you are on the right track.

If you have yet to gift yourself a backpack this holiday season, you can try adding the Venum’s Challenger Pro backpack in your checklist. Regardless, the final decision on whether or not you should make a purchase is still yours to make.

On the other hand, whatever basis you have in mind, you can’t beat the fact that the overall benefits and product quality in general are still two of the most important factors to consider firsthand.