Best BJJ Gi Bags 2017

Best BJJ Gi Bags 2017

Unless you are walking out of your house with your jiu-jitsu gi on, you need some sort of bag to carry your gi and all of your equipment and gear in. Luckily, there are bags made especially for jiu-jitsu. Lets discuss the best BJJ bags of 2015 2017. (We updated this review in 2017 to reflect new bags.)



If you train in the gi, you know the routine. Take out your gi, your belt, your rash guard, your mouth guard, your protective cup… maybe you have some athletic tape and a drink. Then you have to put away your clothes, your keys, your wallet and anything else you brought. Even if you train no-gi, you still have a lot of gear to worry about.



Then you train. Build up a nice sweat the size of a pool. You have to then put all your sweaty gear back into your bag and off you go.



There are bags… and then there are jiu-jitsu bags. Jiu-jitsu bags are made to take care of the hassle of organizing all your gear. They have cool separate compartments to divide your sweaty gear from your dry clothes. Some even keep your food, snacks and drinks cool!



When shopping for a jiu-jitsu bag or MMA bag, you want one that has several compartments and one that is built to last. You can always find cheap bags, but why not make the investment on one that looks great and will last you a lifetime?



Below are the best BJJ Gi Bags of 2017:




Venum Trainer Lite

  • 94%

Sanabul HYBRID MMA BJJ Gym Duffel Backpack Bag

  • 84%

Venum “Challenger Pro” Backpack

  • 80%

Venum “Challenger Xtreme” Backpack

  • 86%

Meister Vented Convertible Duffel / Backpack Gym Bag – Ideal Carry-On

  • 92%

Venum Trainer Lite

Material: Polyester
Length: 680mm
Height 330mm
Width: 260mm
This bag has a subtle black on black look if you don’t like to call out too much attention and are just looking for a bag that gets the job done. This bag features a large compartment that will store all your gear including your Gi and even sparring gloves and more.


This bag also has a mesh panel that will allow breathability and won’t have you stink up the room. There are also side panels and a separate compartment for you to store your mouthguard or any tape.


Huge Main Compartment



Since there is one huge main compartment, the separate compartment could be a tight squeeze to store your Gi after use. 


Sanabul HYBRID MMA BJJ Gym Duffel Backpack Bag


This jiu-jitsu bag can be worn as both a backpack or carried around like a duffle bag. Although from some customer reviews, in order to really wear this as a backpack, you have to carry lighter weight and since you also have the duffle bag handles, it can look funny walking around with the loose handles.


The Sanabul comes with a lot of different pockets to store everything from keys, wallet and of course, all your bjj gear. The size is great and also has a separate compartment to storey your dirty clothes or to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your gear. This side compartment is ventilated to not stink up your entire bag.


The bag was made to be durable. It is made from a high grade military type of nylon called 1200D Cordura.



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Funny Rash Guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA 2017

Funny Rash Guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA 2017

Many academies make their students wear their own gi’s. However, a lot of times, you have the option of wearing your own unique rash guards. And if you train at a no-gi school, then you probably have several rash guards that you rotate with during the week. Rash guards provide a lot of benefits to grapplers. As the name implies, it does prevent rashes from occurring under your gi. It also keeps you drier than wearing a plain t-shirt when rolling.


So if you wear a rash guard, and we recommend that you do, you can really attract some attention with unique one. We do however believe, you should attract attention with your Jiu Jitsu skills first. Following, are crazy and funny rash guards for Jiu Jitsu and MMA that you can find online.



Hulk Rashguard

(click on picture for latest price)

The model in this picture doesn’t need the extra help in showcasing his muscles. However, if you are on the weaker side, or want to show your inner incredible hulk, then this is the rashguard for you. Personally, we prefer longer sleeve rash guards to protect the elbows, but if you like short sleeves, then this one even features a nicely painted 6 pack. This rashguard is made by Under Armor.




Amigo Rashguard

(click on picture for latest price/NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE)

Arriba Arriba! Show your opponent who is the boss with this great rashguard from Newaza Apparel. Traditional design with hidden revolver. This rash guard is part of their “Stay Grounded” collection.



Hamburger Rashguard

(click on picture for latest price)

Would you like an armbar with your burger? You will be the talk of your academy when you wear this larger than life hamburger rashguard. This guard is made by Hypnotik and comes in long sleeve.



Professor Rashguard

(click on picture for latest price)

Is your Jiu Jitsu game more methodical? If so, then this diabolical professor rashguard is for you.  Vibrant colors and comic book inspired design. This rashguard, designed by Tatami, is part of their new comic book collection.



Robot Rashguard

(click on picture for latest price)

Are you a Jiu Jitsu machine? Then this is your robotic rashguard. Green robotic design. This long sleeve rashguard is designed by FUJI and has great detail. Aside from green, they also have one in blue.



Tuxedo Rashguard

(click on picture for latest price)

If you like to dress up off the mats, then why not dress up ON THE MATS? Show up to class in your elegant tuxedo rashguard. This long sleep guard is available in 4 colors and made by Hypnotik.


As you can see, you have a great variety to choose from when it comes to rashguards. If you don’t like to attract this much attention, you can get plain solid color rash guards at your local sports store.

Baby Jiu-Jitsu Onesies

Baby Jiu-Jitsu Onesies

SHORT SLEEVE ONESIE (Available in different colors and sizes):

Baby jiu Jitsu Onesie Short Sleeve

$19.99 – Short Sleeve – Click Here for more info

* We use Spreadshirt to fulfill our orders because they are a trusted brand, safe and secure, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

LONG SLEEVE ONESIE:  (Available in different colors and sizes):

Baby Jiu Jitsu Onesie Long Sleeve


 $19.99 – Long Sleeve – Click Here for more info

* We use Spreadshirt to fulfill our orders because they are a trusted brand, safe and secure, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Adorable baby jiu-jitsu onesies for all brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts! These are not only great for your own babies, but make great gifts for your friends and families who have babies.

As a parent, you know how hard it is to put your cute, little baby to sleep. And sometimes, they just don’t want to go to sleep! As a future jiu-jitsu superstar, your little one may just have to use their BJJ (Baby Jiu-Jitsu) and put you in a rear naked choke and put you to sleep!

The one pieces are made out of 100% cotton and are soft and plush. They feature a three snap leg closure for easy dressing.

How About I Put You To Sleep. I know BJJ.